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 "Self-Concept and Its Relation to Academic Achievement "
Dr. Gopal Chandra Mahakud,Mrs. Renu Joshi

Abstract: Self Concept is the perception of one-selves involving his/her attitudes, feelings and knowledge about skills, abilities, appearance and social acceptability. Self concept is considered as one of the important and influential factors that closely related with people's behaviours and various emotional and cognitive outcomes. In this regard, the present study aimed to find out the relationship between the self concept and the academic achievement of school going children from Delhi city, India. Information in this regard collected using self-concept Inventory by Saraswat (1984) and Academic Achievement Need scale developed by Tanwar & Amalnerkar (2010). The present study was conducted with a total of (N=60) school going students subdividing into 30 learning disabled and 30 skilled learners. A single case design was followed for the present study where each participant's data were collected at the natural setting at both home and school setting. Before the collection of data each individual's consent and permission from the appropriate authorities and parent were taken to satisfy the ethical guidelines of the research. The data analysis of the study was followed both descriptive and inferential statistics, the data analysis was done using SPSS 16.0. The result of the present study revealed that children with learning disabled were poor in their self concept compare to the skilled learners and as a result the children with learning disabled also poor in their academic performance than to their counterparts.

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"Effectiveness of Group Counselling in Enhancing Life Skills of Marginally Intelligent Students"
Asma Tabassum, Bangalore N Roopesh,Jyoti S Madgaonkar

Abstract: Marginally intelligent children constitute a significant part of the student population and usually have issues like poor academics, poor problem solving skills, slow information processing and poor social skills. Aim: The purpose of the study was to examine the effect of group counseling in enhancing life skills of marginally intelligent students. Methods: The study divided marginally intelligent children into experimental group and waitlist control group and provided with 10 sessions of life skills training to experimental group. 42 marginally intelligent students received group life skills training, whereas 31 marginally intelligent students did not receive life skills training as part of the study, however, were later received the same for ethical reasons. The group life skills intervention program was comprised of 10 sessions in 3 stages, for a period of 5 weeks. Both the groups were compared at baseline, post-treatment, and follow-up. Results: Results showed a significant increase in life skills of members of the experimental group compared to the waitlist control group at post-intervention. In addition, these differences were maintained even at follow-up assessment. Conclusion: Group life skills training improves academic and study skills, selfesteem, self-confidence, time management and interpersonal skills.

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"Influence of Mental Health on Academic Achievement of Secondary School Students "
Dr. Sheeraz Ahmad Rather

Abstract: This study was conducted on 544 secondary school students to find out the influence of Mental Health (MH) on Academic Achievement. The investigator hypothesized that there is no significant mean difference between different categories of Mental Health (Excellent, Good, Average, Poor and Very poor) in respect of Academic Achievement. In fact, the investigator found that there is a significant mean difference between different categories of Mental Health. It was found that there was much difference in academic achievement and achievement increases with the increase in Mental Health.

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"Democratic Educational Administration as Potential Contributors to Learning Environment in Colleges "
Dr. Shafayat Ahmad

Abstract: In the present study the author has attempted to find out the prevailing type of administration in government and private colleges contributing to the learning environment. Differences in the administrative approaches of government and private colleges were also investigated. The sample consisted of 24 teachers from 12 government and 24 teachers from 12 private colleges. Principal Administrative Style Scale (PASS) was used in the present study. The data was analysed by statistical method which include mean, standard deviation and t-test. The results revealed that the principal often work democratically and almost always setting up long run vision of the desired objectives which shows the democratic attitude. The results also disclosed that the teachers of government and private colleges similarly perceived their college environment so far the principal administrative style created in the colleges for democratic behaviour is concerned.

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" Indian Higher Education System & futuristic role of the Registrar "
Thomas Mathew

Abstract: Higher Education is one of the most powerful instruments for reducing poverty and inequality and can lay a foundation for sustained economic growth. In view of this it is imperative to ponder upon the futuristic role, the Registrar of a University can play in the Indian Higher Education System to contribute effectively to achieve the aims and objectives of with which an University is established.

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"Learning Styles among High School, Pre-University and Degree Students "
Nivedhitha C.P., Chetan S.V.

Abstract: This study aimed at exploring visual, aural, read/write and kinesthetic learning styles among high school, pre-university and degree students. The sample consisted of a total of 90 students from Bangalore, 30 from each education level. Random sampling technique was used to draw the sample. The sample was administered the Learning styles Inventory by Dr. S.V. Suryarekha. The obtained data were analyzed using One-Way ANOVA to find out the difference between the education level, and independent samples ‘ t ’ test to study gender differences. The findings revealed that there is a significant difference between High School and Pre-university students, and High School and Degree students in Read/Write learning style. Also, gender differences exist in the area of kinesthetic learning style.

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"Two Sides of the Coin: A Qualitative Course-Based Study of the Lived Experiences of Child and Youth Care Students "
Shasily Matowe,Michelle Ibbotson,Linda Agyemang,Jacky Lam ,Gerard Bellefeuille

Abstract: Child and Youth Care (CYC) practice is, in essence, ethical work because it seeks to improve the lives of vulnerable children, youth, and families and, in the process, is directed by the moral principles of equality, respect for diversity, and a fundamental commitment to social justice and human rights. Child and Youth Care practice is relational work that occurs in the life-space where people go about their daily lives. This approach requires CYC practitioners to be open-minded and accepting of divergent world views. Child and Youth Care students are, therefore, taught to be as non-judgmental and as accepting as possible in their attitudes toward and actions with others, regardless of factors of race, cultural background, sexual orientation, economic class, religious affiliation, or diverse lifestyles. To promote open-mindedness and acceptance of others, self-reflection and critical dialogue about the topics of social justice and inclusivity are fundamental components of the Bachelor of CYC program. Hence, this fourth-year course-based research project inquired into the perceived “ lived experience ” of CYC students who openly shared their individual cultural and religious beliefs in the classroom.

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" Work life Balance & Employee Engagement- Concepts revisited"
Toyaz Shekhar

Abstract: The main goal of this paper is to understand the relationship between work life balance & Employee Engagement. Further this paper highlights contextual factors affecting Employee Engagement and Work Life Balance. This paper is built on relevant literature and recent studies on Work Life Balance & Employee Engagement. Also, the results of the study show inverse relationship between pleasure & work. Further, it examines the effect of change in work interference on personal life on Employee Engagement. It also aims to derive an ideal situation of equilibrium between pleasure & work termed as Work life Balance (WLB).

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"Anatomization of Anomie as Psychological Construct "
Sonakshi Ruhela, Prof (Dr.) Abha Singh

Abstract: Durkheim referred to anomie as the generalized condition of meaninglessness &disorder in modern; mass society. Durkheim supported that social curbs are necessary for the regulation of impulse tendencies and maintained that human wants & desires are insatiable and tend to soar to infinity. This paper elucidates a number of closely related researches reviewing the concept of anomie. Further, specific Focus group interview of 10 young adults from Delhi-NCR in the ages of 25- 35 years was conducted and then assimilated into various sub themes. The results post detailed focus group interview of young adults exude that fulfillment of desires are transitory & the hidden motive is the driving force for attaining gratification or psychological contentment.

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"Domestic Violence Subjected to Legal and Cultural Pressure"
Nazanin Boujarian, Prof. Datuk Dr. Mohd Tajudin Ninggal, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ssekamanya Siraje Abdallah

Abstract: A society based on patriarchal structure brings lots of discriminations against females in family and society, so different violent relationships appear mainly targeting women as the victims. The domestic violence imposed by the partner of the woman tortures her verbally and physically, captures her to live in a suffering environment or enforces her to leave the original city/country and accepts the condition of being a refugee with all of its risks. In order to reduce the immigration troubles, it is important to consider the origins of violence causing these conditions. There are different sources of domestic violence including cultural, social and legal factors. In this study, three important factors are considered as early-child marriage, gender inequality and insufficient legal and protective systems. In child marriage, the girl undergoes a marital status under her father's pressure. Gender inequalities increase the rate of violence against women, because they have lower financial, educational and social positions and have to be more dependent on their partners. On the other hand, insufficient protective systems constrain women providing conditions to develop domestic violence. Conducting interview sessions with victims of violence, the abovementioned cases are considered and the data analyzed using a qualitative approach. The output of this study helps counselors in healing process of the victims, highlights the necessity of improving skills for controlling violence and notices the importance of modification of supportive legal systems to prevent committing violence against women. So people are encouraged to make a free-violence society based on human values.

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"Creativity of Secondary School Students in Relation to Their Adjustment: A Study in The North West Educational Block of Jorhat District, Assam "
Bidisha Borchetia, Dr. (Mrs) Mun Kalita

Abstract: Creativity is understood as a process which produces something new as well as useful. It is the process of developing original, novel and yet appropriate response to a problem. The etymological root of the word ‘ creativity ’ is in the Latin word ‘ creatus ’ meaning to have grown. Creativity was also believed to be human gift, a rare quality of distinguished individuals with inborn talent. Creativity is not confined to any individual, groups of individuals, caste, colour or creed. It is universal and is not bound by the barriers of age, location or culture. Every child is creative to some extent. The amount of creativity and its dimensions vary from individual to individual. The creative individual possesses some unique psychological characteristics. The process of adjustment of these children is different from others. Research revealed that there is relationship between creativity and adjustment. Adjustment may be defined as a process of altering behaviour to reach harmonious relationships with the environment. Adjustment is not unidimensional. It involves emotional, social, personal, educational adjustment. Various components of creativity are related to total, social, and educational aspects of adjustment. Generally it is seen that creative individuals have less emotional, social, personal and educational adjustment than others. Again, there is difference among highly creative, average creative and less creative regarding their adjustment.

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"Analysis of The Correlation and Causal Relationship Between Focus Factor and Achievement in Mathemetics "
Shruti Marwaha, Geetika Seth

Abstract: Focus Factor in humans has an initial & final value. The desired value lies between these two values. After calibrating the current cognition value, we can work to encompass the desired value. Focus Factor can be reordered by applying customized education methodology.The research was conducted in Chandigarh. The sample for the research study consisted of 100 school going students of 10th standard from different schools. Purposive sampling was undertaken to select subjects, who were then divided into two groups. The first group; Group-A was the Control Group, whereas the second group; Group-B was the Experimental Group on whom the Customized Solutions & Training Programme was implemented, to see the impact (if any) of focus factor on their mathematics marks. On the contrary, the Control group did not have access to the said programme. The marks in Mathematics in both the quarters were obtained from the respective teachers. The tool used was Cognitive Ability Test and Assessment. After the successful completion of Customized solutions & training programmefor six months, it was notified that the Focus Factor of Group B increased significantly, subsequently their marks in mathematics inclined as well whereas in case of the control group, no significant change was seen in their consecutive tests.

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"A Study on Perspective of Educational Professionals Towards Inclusive Education"
Shruti Pandey, Dr. Geeta Rani Sharma

Abstract: Early attempts at integration essentially attempted to place children with special need in the regular system, with supports going to the student, but little change in the structure of education. Later on Declaration of Salamanca helped to re-conceptualize the participation of students with special need in regular education from “integration” to “inclusion”. In general classroom, inclusive education makes provision for learning of all children in a same classroom irrespective of their caste, creed, religion and disability, and the general teacher becomes the facilitator. Inclusive education is not only limited to main streaming the learners with special needs but also concerned with identifying and overcoming all barriers to effective, continuous and quality participation in education. The educational professional are the important part of teaching-learning situation, as it is the educators who make learning possible. Thus the success of inclusion depends on various factors which includes the attitudes of educational professionals i.e. teachers and administrators as well, the quality of instruction given by the educational professionals . More specifically, teachers' attitudes about inclusion have been found to be a crucial factor that impacts the implementation of inclusion for children with disabilities. An attempt has been made in this paper to justify the problems in implementation of inclusive education due to the attitudinal barriers of educational professionals.

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"Social Contributions of Raja Rammohan Roy : Present Perspective"
Aisharya De

Abstract: In the national life of present day India, the life and work of Raja Rammohan Roy are still of great importance. His life and thoughts are still significant today for moving and influencing the succeeding generations in India. Even today, corruption, evils and superstitions still exist in every sphere of Indian life. Sectarian bias, conflicts among different sects, polytheism, and image worship are still prevalent in the society. Those are creating disrespect between man to man and are degrading the base of the society day by day. Direction and values are lost. There is a need of regeneration and spiritual upliftment. For this there is a need to follow the ideals and ideas of Raja Rammohan Roy. Raja Rammohan Roy neutralized and synthesized the conservative circles of Hindu society and preached monotheism and he spread that message through his Brahmo Samaj movement. That message needs to be propagated in the present society. Following his philosophy, the deep routed cause of social degradation will have to be understood and accordingly measures will have to be taken. Today, with the emergence of the concepts like individual liberty, women emancipation, free expression of opinions, modernism, one should not forget that all those ideas have already championed many years ago through Raja Rammohan Roy's writings.

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"Test Anxiety and Academic achievement: A Correlative study among Undergraduate level students in Assam, India "
Dr. Rantu Gohain

Abstract: The present study focuses on the relationship between the test anxiety and academic achievement of undergraduate level students under Dibrugarh university of Assam. It also tries to investigate the level of anxiety between boys' and girls' students. For this purpose a standardized questionnaire constructed by Prof. V.P. Sharma was administered to 120 boys' and girls' students. Pearson's Product moment coefficient-correlation method revealed that there is a significant positive correlation between test anxiety and academic achievement. The Chi-square technique on the other hand revealed no significant difference regarding anxiety level between boys' and girls' students. It is assumed that a moderate anxiety is not harmful whereas extreme level of anxiety is always affective which may lead a student to low performance, stressful, depressive and even suicidal situation. Remedial suggestions to reduce test anxiety of the study are proper care, inspiration and guidance of parents and teachers, moulding study habits, a congenial teaching-learning environment, arrangement of spiritual development and life skill training, coping strategies etc.

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"Adjustment to college in the United States - Perceptions of Qatari students "
Janet Shakuntala Walker , Jennifer Blakeslee , Batoul Khalifa , Atmane Ikhlef , Ramzi Nasser

Abstract: Ensuring the success of Qatari students in higher education is a national priority to address the needs of Qatar’s growing economy. Many Qatari students are earning post-secondary degrees abroad, most often in the US, where they are presumed to face many of the known adjustment challenges that international college students experience on host campuses around the world. This qualitative study explores the facilitators and barriers to college success experienced by 21 Qatari nationals enrolled in state colleges and universities in Oregon. Thematic analysis reveals that these students face many familiar adjustment challenges related to second-language proficiency, academic requirements, and daily living. Facilitators to success include the support of family and peers, and campus-based services. However, many of the students’experiences suggest areas for enhanced intervention efforts in Qatar and on host campuses to better prepare these international students for study abroad, and to support their educational success in host countries.

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