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 "Relationship between Life Satisfaction and Depression among Woking and Non-working Married Women "
Anubha Srivastava

Abstract: Depression is occurring in almost epidemic proportions in modern society (Seligman, 1990). The current study aims to explore the relationship between life satisfaction and depression among working and non-working married women. In this study, 140 subjects (70 working married women and 70 non-working married women) who fulfilled the exclusion and inclusion criteria were selected purposively for the study. After developing a good report with the subjects socio-demographic details, life satisfaction scale and depression scale were administered on them. Findings revealed that there is significant relationship between life satisfaction and depression among working and non-working married women.

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"Advantages and Limitations of current 2 years curriculum of B.Ed Course."
Arvinder Kaur, Dr. Manju Sharma

Abstract: Teacher-education is a significant part of school education programme. To revise the teacher-education curriculum in accordance with existing needs, to judge the suitability of some innovative curriculum for teacher education, to judge the suitability and effectiveness of some new teacher-training strategies NCTE extends the duration of BEd course from 1 year to 2 years from 2015 onwards. The changes in the duration of B.Ed & M.Ed courses will lead Teacher Education more sensitive to the emerging demands of the school system by developing the competency of student teachers for doing different roles. On the other hand; it has some constraints. Present paper focuses on the visions, advantages and limitations of the course.

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"Demographic Factors in Social Intelligence of Secondary School Teachers "
Paul T. M, Arjunan N. K

Abstract: The present normative survey was aimed to study the differential effect of selected demographic factors on the social intelligence of secondary school teachers. The Social Intelligence Test for Teachers, developed by the investigators, was administered along with a personal data sheet on a sample of 236 teachers, selected on a stratified random basis, from Ernakulam district of Kerala. The data, thus collected, were subjected to statistical analysis (t-test and One-way ANOVA) by keeping the objectives and hypotheses in mind. The study revealed a differential effect of gender on social intelligence, wherein the male teachers excel female teachers. Educational qualification, however, was found to have no significant effect in discriminating the secondary school teachers on the basis of their social intelligence. The trained graduate and trained postgraduate teachers are alike with regard to their social intelligence. Demographic factors like the type of school management and length of service experience were found to be decisive factors in the social intelligence of secondary school teachers.

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"Behaviour Problems in Children: Prevelence Across Age "
Vidya C , Tripathi S. K.

Abstract: The behaviour problems in children may manifest as disturbance in emotions like anxiety or depression, aggression, physical function, psychogenic disorders, mental performance problems at school. This range of disorders may be caused by a number of factors such as parenting style, which are inconsistent, contradictory, family, marital problems, child abuse or neglect, overindulgence, injury or chronic illness, separation or bereavement. Achenbach & Edelbrock (1983) classifies child behaviour problems into eleven problems in behaviour of the children on which the present study was formulated to investigate the nature and dimensions of behaviour problems in 812 school going children of urban area, between the age range of 5 - 12 years with a cross sectional research strategy was applied with extensive survey. The data was obtained in the classroom observations with the help of teachers using the Child behaviour checklist a standardized scale by Achenbach, (1983), and was analyzed qualitatively in 3 age groups of children (A1: 60 - 90 months, A2: 91 - 115 months, A3: 116 - 146 months). It was evident that age emerged as the primary factor to produce main effect on incidence of internalization behaviour, withdrawn, anxiety, aggression and conduct disorder. The trend showed that either the children manifest normal behaviour or severely deficient behaviour irrespective of their age. Most of the behaviour problems found to be showing improvement corresponding to advancing age. However, there was gradual increase in all most all behaviour problems in middle age and there after behaviour disposition of children in older age.

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" Methods of Teaching Mathematics in Primary Classes: Experience of General Education Teachers"
Dr. Nandini Jayachandran,Dr. Immanuel Thomas ,Dr. Lekshmi. K.

Abstract: Math is a subject that has much applicability in our daily life as it can directly affect the earning capacity and livelihood of a person. This accounts for the increased relevance of Learning disability in Mathematics (MD)/ Developmental dyscalculia (DD) as a topic of scientific research. Studies indicate that early identification and remediation can overcome DD to a large extent. Development of any remediation program for children with DD requires an appraisal and knowledge of the current methods followed in classroom teaching. With this in mind the present study was taken up to understand the teaching practices followed in Mathematics by general education teachers of primary schools. Focus group discussion participated by primary level teachers was employed for the purpose. The results indicated that there existed certain general methods employed by almost all the teachers for teaching the subject of Math, and also certain specific teaching styles employed by some individual teachers. The teachers also reported that there are certain differences between actual teaching practices and curricular guidelines given for teaching.

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"A Study on Evolvement of Management Education in India and Its Quality "
Srivastava Vivek

Abstract: Importance of management as organizational practice has increased manifolds because of globalization and consequently education of management has also reached to a level of greater significance. Management is an application based discipline requires incorporating the issues of business and management and supposing to be held responsible for the final state of affairs of the business of the nation. Management education focuses developing a broad range of managerial knowledge and abilities among students. But its role has always been in existence and roots of management education can be traced back to 1950s with beginning of Indian institute of social welfare and Business Management (IISWBM). IISWBM was followed by Delhi University (1955), Madras University (1955), Bombay University (1955) and Andhra University (1957). In Students are generally the principal customers of the education. Post liberalization and especially after year 2000, there has been increase in number of management institutes. Quality of management education has not been of satisfactory standards.Quality of management education, kind of service, is difficult to measure in comparison to products. In present paper management education, quality concerns, approaches to measure it have been discussed.

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"Impact of School Based Parental Involvement in developing literacy of children with hearing Impairment in Primary School "
Rajesh Kumar, Alok Kumar Upadhyay

Abstract: Parental involvement in schools can take place in a range of ways. Among these are (a) volunteering directly in the classroom, (b) Participating in children's activities at school and (c) participating in a parent teacher meeting. The present study was experimental study to observe the effectiveness of school based parental involvement in literacy development of children with hearing impairment of class 1st of primary school at Sitapur District, Uttar Pradesh. The finding of the study revealed that there was a significant improvement in the performance of experimental group where the parents actively participated in school compared with the control group where parents were not involved in literacy development. This proves the involvement of parents in literacy development of children with hearing impairment is very important.

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" Exploring the Features of Metacognition and Achievement Goals in Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning Instruction (POGIL)"
Meharunnisa Karadan , Dr. A. Hameed

Abstract: Explosions are occurred all over the world, especially in sociological, technological and economical spheres at the faster rates. The process of education channelizes the students to acquire knowledge and skills to survive in this dynamic world. Science education needs to challenge this situation through the development of the little scientist who is able to generate, invent new ideas and concepts in the light of inquiry activities. Scientific skills which are emerging out of the effective processes are the backbone of all emerging scientific theories and investigations. Scientific skills like problem solving, critical and creative thinking etc. which incorporates self reflection and intrinsic motivation will help the learners to accomplish desired aims and objectives. Scientific process skills are broadly transferable in new situations and more permanent in nature. In the present study the researcher intend to explore the possibility of meta-cognition and goal orientation of learners which are the real facts that lead learners for the fulfilment of science process skills through Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning Instruction (POGIL) environment.

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"Positive Well Being as a Catalyst for Major Stressful Life Events in College Life "
S. Dharani

Abstract: Life event is a major change in a person's circumstances that affects or effects interpersonal relationship and leisure activities.This study focuses on major stressful life events of college students like parental issues,relationship issues, selfawareness, anxiety etc. which majorly affects coping skills, hardly change, not able to challenge and face risk and therefore fail to bring positive wellbeing. The researcher has taken data's from 2012 Jan to October 2015 of engineering college students of age group 18 to 22 yrs. with low socio economic status.And identified most frequently appeared issues.Being a quantitative research major case study is taken to show change in stress with balance and coping mechanism through strength focused strategy, triple column techniqueand three blessing,etc. from the school of positive psychology counseling and CBT..

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"Stress Anxiety and Depression Among Science and Arts Students"
Mohammad Amin Wani , Dr. R. Sankar, Rakshantha P. , Nivatha A. L. S. ,Sowparnika C. E. , Marak L. D. B.

Abstract: In present days stress, anxiety and depression is commonly found among the students globally. These psychological problems badly affect the health of our students. The cardinal object of the present study was to investigate the effect of gender and faculty on stress, anxiety and depression. Further the study also strived to find the level of stress, anxiety and depression among boys and girls; science and arts students. Method: The present study consisted sample of 260 students divided in two groups (Boys and Girls) each group has 130 students. Further these two groups are equally subdivided into two more faculty wise (Science and Arts) groups with 65 students in each group. Levels of stress, anxiety and depression was measured by Depression Anxiety Stress Scale (DASS) constructed by Lovibond & Lovibond (1995). For data analysis and hypothesis testing mean and ANOVA was applied. Findings: The findings shows that girl students are prone to stress, anxiety and depression than boys as they have high percentage in all three areas (Stress 57.67%, Anxiety 90.77% and Depression 60.77%) than boys (Stress 43.85 %, Anxiety 89.22% and Depression 43.08%). Similarly science students have high level of stress, anxiety and depression (Stress 73.86%, Anxiety 96.14% and Depression 88.46 %) than arts students (Stress 27.69%, Anxiety 73.84% and Depression 15.38%). The results also revealed both gender and faculty have significant effect on stress, anxiety and depression as all obtained “F” ratio's was found significant at 0.05 level of significance. Conclusion: - On the basis of the findings in the present study we may conclude that both gender and faculty are influential factors in stress, anxiety and depression.

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"Risks and Realities of mental health of children in conflict with the law"
Purushothaman Kalpana , Tripathi S. K

Abstract: Health in general and psychological health in particular; of children in conflict with the law in India does not seem to be a priority or focus area of the juvenile justice system, even though the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2015 mentions it as a significant provision made available to children, when they come into contact with the juvenile justice system. The Present paper is an effort to analyse some of the psychological issues encountered by children in conflict with the law in India - before and after they enter the juvenile justice system and examines some of the barriers to reform, rehabilitation and reintegration into society as envisaged by the Juvenile Justice Act, 2015. The paper also examines the essential role that a counsellor at an institution can play in enabling access to a range of mental health services as well as providing crucial counselling services to this extremely vulnerable population of children.

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"Crowding as an Environmental Deterrent: Perspectives of Mental Health "
Hotwani Geetu P. , Tripathi S. K.

Abstract: The rapid growth of industrialization and lack of opportunity for education & employment in rural areas; rural people migrating to adjacent far off cities in search of livelihood and qualitative living for their children. The environmental setup and ecological balance of cities get disturbed adversely, in terms of civic amenities for its users, as overcrowding at public places has become inevitable. The revelation to overcrowding and population overload in every walk of life induces suffocation stresses among people who find it difficult to endure such constraints in everyday life situations. Furthermore, adolescents perceive it more seriously. The paper would focus on the impact of exposure to crowding and perceived experiential crowding on the emergence of mental health hazards among school/college going students. In addition to it, the characteristic features of mediating factors that affect the direction and magnitude of experiential crowding will be discussed, to propose the theoretical construct, to measure the impact and provide a viable model for implementation to policy makers in order to have cities free of crowding and citizens with positive mental health in India.

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"Self-Regulated Learning: A Motivational Approach for Learning Mathematics"
Dr. Abdul Gafoor. K , Abidha Kurukkan

Abstract: Self- regulated learning is identified as a fruitful learning strategy as evidenced from the increase in the number of researches in academic self- regulation since year 2000. Knowing to manage one's own learning is helpful in attaining the goals. This analysis of literature on self-regulated learning focuses on the factors that affect self-regulated learning and the students' learning outcomes from application of self-regulated learning. This paper identifies major categories of variables studied in relation to self-regulated learning, and summarizes the findings there from. Factors like cognitive strategy use, meta-cognition, selfefficacy and other motivational beliefs and some individual differences were considered. An inter relationship between selfefficacy and self-regulated learning is manifest. Mastery goal orientation favours self-regulated learning. Areas of language and mathematics education manifests more studies on self-regulated learning than other curricular areas. Findings from both the areas confirm that self-regulated learning results in enhanced achievement and desirable affective outcomes. How the selfregulated learning is linked to mathematics learning outcomes is specifically elaborated for facilitating future research and classroom practices especially in mathematics education context around this motivational construct.

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"Coping strategies and Family environment as predictors of Depression among Adolescents"
Saima Hafiz

Abstract: The present study is aimed at predicting the coping strategies used by adolescents and the influence of family environment on depressive symptoms among adolescents. As depression is becoming a common problem face by adolescents in day to day paradigm due to complexity of adverse life style circumstances and complex relationships. Adolescence is a period of storm and stress and the phase through which they are passing is the most vulnerable period of harsh conditions. A sample of 200 adolescents was taken with equal number of males and females. For the attainment of the objectives following scales are used: ways of coping questionnaire, Family environment scale and Beck depression inventory. Step wise regression has been used. Coping has a great role to play in evaluating our psychological health. On the other hand, family is the most important factor in the realm of socialization. Keeping in view the present era, the following variables play a great role in influencing the psychological health of individuals. Researchers, clinicians and counselors can use it as an intervention program for promoting subjective well being. The implications of the study are further elucidated.

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"Psychology of Colors: A Review "
Manpreet Ola

Abstract: This review paper focuses on the role of colors on various aspects of our psychology such as our emotions, our personality, arousal levels, etc. It is essential to read about this neglected yet very crucial aspect of our life. Over a period of time we all have noticed that color is the first thing that we spot when we see anything. Thus it's important for us to see its value in our lives and if we can use it for our betterment and for our survival. At the same time it is crucial for us to realize that not all cultures view a particular color in the same way, there are various cultural differences in our perception of colors and its meaning and importance in our lives.

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"Effectiveness of Meditation Therapy on The Working Memory and Behavioral Problems of Underachievers at Primary Leve "
S. Goutami , Dr. Surendra. Bharsakle

Abstract: Parents are integral part of the early childhood education process. Often educators refer to parents as the child's “first and best teacher”. But most of the parents these days, are very busy and it's hard for them to set aside time every night for something like reading a story to their child, have least time to find out if the child is struggling with school?. Many children are associated with difficulties in school, behavioural problems, and negative self- concepts and so on. In this research, researcher is trying identify and work over such problems among underachievers at primary level. Aim: To compare the mean scores of working memory of Underachievers belonging to meditation Therapy group and control group by considering pre-working memory as a covariate. Pretest-Posttest control group design was used. Purposive sampling technique was used for sample selection.The sample consists of total 40 (20 in experimental group & 20 in control group) which include both boys and girls of age group 6 to 10 years. For find out the behavioral and working memory problems among underachievers Problem Behavior Check-List (PBC-VD) scale and Six Letter Cancellation Test (SLCT) for measuring the working memory was used. One way ANCOVA was used to find out the effectiveness of the meditation therapy the working memory and behavioral problems of among underachievers at primary level. Finding and conclusions: findings of the study show the working memory of the under achievers receiving meditation therapy increased effectively, behavioral problems of underachievers receiving meditation therapy decreases effectively.

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"Mothers' Education, Self Concept and Altruism of Secondary School Students"
Arun Kumar

Abstract: The present study tries to explore the effect of mothers' education on Self concept and altruism of secondary school students. For this purpose 100 secondary school students were selected. Self- Concept Questionnaire prepared by Dr. R.K. Saraswat (2011) and Altruism Scale prepared by Dr. S.N. Rai and Dr. Sanwat Singh (2004) were used for the collection of data. SPSS-20 was used for the analysis of data. The mother education does not affect the Self concept of the students. As the mother education will increase the level of altruism in student's decreases. If the mother education of students will increase, their Altruism will show more negative relationship. It means that the less educated mother's children are more altruistic than more educated mothers. It may be concluded that that mothers' education affects the Self concept and altruism of the students.

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"Automated Discrimination of The Learners Attitude in Online Learning "
P. V. Praveen Sundar , Dr. A. V. Senthil Kumar

Abstract: Online learning environment is new platform in education arena, which provides handsome of features to the learners. Despite the online learning system seems attractive it is greatly affected by the poor monitoring capabilities. These issues had handled through behavioural and psychological facts by many researchers known as disengagement detection. The objective of the disengagement detection is to extract the causes and pattern of disengagements. Once the disengagement is identified, it is necessary to motivate the disengaged learners. The proposed work discriminates the learner's attitude using TSVM approach and extracts the causes and pattern of disengagements, which helps the instructor to motivate the disengaged users. Our experimental result states that the proposed method classifies the disengaged users well and makes the online learning system effective.

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"A Comparative Study between Secondary Level and Tertiary Level Communicative English Language Teaching in Bangladesh"
Shafaat Bari Ivan , Md. Solaiman Jony

Abstract: Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) is the most recent development in Language Teaching which has been termed effective for communication skills needed to meet the demands of today's fast-paced global world. The principles of CLT have been tried and compared with other methods and particularly adopted in Bangladesh to credit its success worldwide. When compared with traditional methods of teaching such as Grammar Translation we have identified CLT as the most effective method in Second or Foreign Language Teaching. We carried out a comparative study between the Secondary and Tertiary Level English Language Teaching in Bangladesh to determine whether CLT is being implemented in actuality in either of the levels, to what extent and with what outcomes. The findings will try to give a clear indication of English Language Teaching in urban Bangladesh and the expected success of this methodology. While researching, a qualitative approach had been taken and a careful literature review was done to construct a theoretical framework.

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"Just World Belief in Parents of Children with Conduct Disorder"
Prateeksha Shetty , Bangalore N Roopesh ,Siddharth Dutt , Sneha T.S , Dr. Bangalore N Roopesh

Abstract: Background: The hypothesis of ‘Just World Belief’ (JWB) states that people have a need to believe that their environment is a just and orderly place where people usually get what they deserve. Conduct disorder (CD) is a repetitive and persistent pattern of dissocial, aggressive or defiant conduct behaviours that are diagnosed in children. Parental psychopathology, such as antisocial personality disorder, substance use and depression is observed more in the parents of children with CD. Aim: The current study looked how JWB differ between parents of children with and without CD. Methods: The sample comprised of two groups-Parents of Children with Conduct Disorder (PCCD, n = 28) and Parents of Typically Developing Children (PTDC, n = 29), aged 30-60 years. The groups were assessed on Kessler Psychological Distress Scale (K-10) and Just World Belief Scale. Results: Results showed that there are no significant differences between the both the groups in terms of JWB. Conclusion: Experiences of having a child with conduct disorder does not affect the JWB of the parents, which in turn might suggest that JWB is a stable/trait factor rather than state factor.

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" Need for Cognition and Academic Achievements : Evaluation of the French Version of Need for Cognition Scale using IRT and Impact on Academic Achievement for College Athletes. "
Marei Salama-Younes

Abstract: Need for cognition (NFC), in psychology, is a personality trait reflecting the extent to which people engage in and enjoy effortful cognitive activities. However, The Need for Cognition Scale (NFCS-SF) is rarely used and explored in educational setting. The present research aims to (i) explorethe French version of NFCS-SF using IRT and to (ii) test its impact on academic results. Method.Two studies were conducted. Data were collected from 427 college Athletes (n = 233; n = 194). They were colleges' students from Rennes University, France. The IRT was usedand path analyses were tested. Results.The 2PGRM was used to analyze items scale. A positive significant correlation between NFCS-SF, Psychological Flourishing Scale (PFS) and Grade Point Average (GPA)was found. NFC could predict the Academic results by the mediation of PF. Conclusion. IRT shows that items fit the data. The path analysis confirms the mediation role of PF between NFC and GPA.

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"Voluntary Counselling and Testing Seeking Behaviours Among Public University Students, Coast Region of Kenya"
Dr.Alice A. Anika

Abstract: Voluntary Counselling and testing seeking behaviours are HIV infection preventive practices. This study determined the VCT seeking behaviour patterns of Public University students in Coast region from 2012-2014. A descriptive cross sectional study among 368 sampled Public University students using multistage sampling technique was used. The participants completed demographic questionnaire, VCT seeking behaviour Perception Scale (VCT- SBPS), VCT clinical records (VCT - CR) and VCT Counsellors interview schedule. HTC uptake among the students rose to 70% in 2014 from 25% in 2012, HIV prevalence trend moved from 15% in 2012 to about 50% in 2013 and down to 5% in 2014. About 55% of those in the age bracket between 15-26 years visited the VCT clinics in 2013. This showed a positive attitude towards the HIV Prevention programme among this age bracket who happens to form the majority of students in the Universities. The male students HTC accessibility was more in 2013 by 54.95% compared to female (12.45%). However in 2014, the trend went down to 7.05% among the females. Student's perception to VCT clinics visitation was generally positive. The results implied that Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT) clinics uptake patterns highly depended on the extent continuous counseling, education, support and funding was provided to support the HIV prevention programmes in the Universities. The study recommended need for more professional counselors at the Universities to assist students and further research on interventions on safe sexual practices within this group.

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