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 "The Reality and Legality of Child Pornography "
Bhavna Batra , Shivangni Srivastava

Abstract: Unfortunately, we have also seen a historic rise in the distribution of child pornography, in the number of images being shared online, and in the level of violence associated with child exploitation and sexual abuse crimes. Tragically, the only place we have seen a decrease is in the age of victims. This is quite simply unacceptable. -(ATTORNEY GENERAL ERIC HOLDER Jr. Speaks at the NATIONAL STRATEGY CONFERENCE ON COMBATING CHILD EXPLOITATION IN SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA, MAY19, 2011).1 Under the ambit of POCSO ACT which was enacted by the parliament on 14th November, 2012 defines Child as any person below the age of 18 years and provide protection to all children under the age of 18 years from the offences of sexual assault, sexual harassment and Pornography. By the mid-1980's, the trafficking of child pornography within the United States was almost completely eradicated through a series of successful campaigns waged by law enforcement. Anonymous distribution and receipt was not possible, and it was difficult for paedophiles (a person who is sexually attracted towards children) to find and interact with each other. For these reason, child pornographers became lonely and hunted individuals because the purchasing and trading of such images were extremely risky.2 Unfortunately, the child pornography market exploded in the advent of the internet and advanced digital technology. The internet provides ground for individuals to create, access, and share child sexual abuse images worldwide at the click of a button. Child pornography images are readily available through virtually every internet technology including websites, email, and instant messaging/ICQ, internet relay chat(IRC), newsgroup, bulletin boards, peer to peer networks, and social networking sites. Child pornography offenders can connect on internet forums and networks to share their internets, desires, and experiences abusing children in addition to selling, sharing, and trading images. Moreover, these online communities have promoted communication between child pornography offenders, both normalizing their interest in children and desensitizing them to the physical and psychological damages inflicted on child victims. Online communities may also attract or promote new individuals to get involved in the sexual exploitation of children..

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"Factors behind the Differentiation of High and Low Level of Accomplishment among Students of Dooars Region of West Bengal towards Universalization of Elementary Education"
Gour Sundar Ghosh , Prasenjit Deb

Abstract: Education is the process of living through a continuous reconstruction of experiences. It is the development of all those capacities in the individual which will enable him to control his society and fulfill his possibilities. This article emphasizes on the Factors responsible for Differentiating High and Low Level of Accomplishment among Tribal Community Students of Dooars Region of West Bengal towards Universalization of Elementary Education (UEE). This study conducted in two blocks (Malbazar & Matiali) of Jalpaiguri, a Sarva Shiksha Mission (SSM) district of West Bengal since 2002 to evaluate and assess the reasons behind Dropout Children. To identify the effects, we use structured schedule containing seventeen independent variables viz. Age of respondent (X ), Calorie intake value (X ), Food intake value(X ), Body Mass Index (X ),Use of teaching learning 1 2 3 4 material at school (X ), Communication to school (X ), Attitude of teacher on student (X ), Role of school teacher in 5 6 7 understanding text book (X ), Role of father in understanding text book (X ), Role of mother in understanding text books (X ), 8 9 10 Encouragement of mother towards education (X ), Adequate dress during school hour (X ), Access to text (X ), Home 11 12 13 environment (X ), Socio taboo (X ) , Climate factor (X ), Financial condition(X ), Mode of communication (X ), House hold 14 15 16 17 18 activity(X ) and Engagement in productive activity (X ) against dependent variable Level of Dropout (Y)..

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"Promoting Strategies for Enhancing Quality of Primary Education in India towards Inclusive Growth "
Dr. Rupesh Kumar

Abstract: Primary education is the first step towards the development of a nation which teaches us the basic fundamentals of code of conduct, perception and helping to maintain the relationship with others. India is still a developing nation; there have been major obstacles on the way of success. Since last few years India has implemented various policies related to primary education with support of UNICEF and other international bodies; such as Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, ICDS (Integrated child's development schemes) and also passed an act in 2005 on “Education to all”. Majority of our population is represented by youngsters who are below the age of 18 years and are not getting proper education and guidance for shaping their future. A high percentage of them withdraw themselves from primary education and initiate for their livelihood. Presently in various schemes the government provides free education to all youngsters for primary level and also provides scholarships, food facility to poor and needy children but still in primary school, there is a high rate of student's turnover. The rural environment of India is not supporting to present policies of education run by government because of several reasons such as high unemployment rate, poverty, gender biasness, high mortality rate, high birth rate and also social prejudice and mindset of villagers. Education may be the master key for all youngsters which will open all the doors of success. In this paper, whole study is divided in to four major sections. Firstly, the discussion is made on significance, advantages, disadvantages and objective of the study. In this section researcher will focus on the different statiscal data, present status, government policies, mechanism of delivering primary education system. The third section will analyze the effective strategies for the betterment of present primary education system. At the end a rational and cumulative result will be given in conclusion.

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"Gender Based Comparative Analysis of Psychological Capital in R & D Organizations"
Pratibha , Dr. R. K. Sokhi

Abstract: This research paper critically examines gender based comparison of psychological capital in R & D organizations. For the purpose of the above said research paper, a sample of 140 working professionals of R & D Organizations viz male (70) and female (70) aged 22-55 years are selected. Psychological capital scale developed by Luthans (2007) was administered in order to attain their overall psychological capital score. Data was analysed using ‘ t test ’. Results indicated significant difference in male and female professionals of R & D organizations in sub-dimensions of psychological capital viz. Self-Efficacy. Male professionals are high in self- efficacy comparison to female professionals.

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" Findout The Relationship of Creativity with Introversion-extroversion Among Adolescent Students"
Dr. Vandana Aggarwal , Dr. Gaurav Sachar

Abstract: Systematic educational research in creativity is an important and fruitful field of endeavor. The problem as complex as the concept is are uncertain and the results often are as conflicting as the subject is enticing and vital. Weather it is about the relation of creativity and various personality traits or about the possibility of facilitating creativity in the classroom, there seems to be almost as many points of view as there are related studies. Above all, very few studies have been conducted on extra version and introversion in relation to creativity. Even whatever has been studied regarding these variables with creativity show contradictory results so, the present investigation will prove to be useful from the teachers, guidance workers and school counselor's point of view.

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"A Study of The Opinion of Men Towards Working Women "
Dr. Geetha S.

Abstract: The study intended to bring to light the society's changes. In the sense change in the attitude of men and their mindset which not stereotype. There are definite indications to prove that women are proceeding towards empowerment as there are opportunities and facilities in and around their home and society. Women want to change, so men are promoting it and they are also changing. As a result we find lot of changes in the attitude, abilities and skills of women. They prove to be good and sincere workers, able managers and leaders as well as good social workers. It is because of the comforts extended to them by the family and society. A woman cannot progress solitarily. She needs support of parents, sisters, brothers, husband and that of society at large. This study in an attempt to confirm the above points.

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"Governance, Management, and Leadership Defined in Ramayana "
Anjali Chugh

Abstract: The field of Governance, Leadership, and Management has been developed by learning from various disciplines of knowledge. It is said that the corporate learning are driven from our great epics like Ramayana. So in this paper we have collected some lessons that we can understand with the help of Ramayana and also we will see their scope and application in the corporate world. Leadership has its own prominence be it in business, in spirituality, in politics, in defense, or in any field one could think of. Put in simple terms, leadership is about alignment of thought or action of a group for a cause. It is about taking charge and influencing others to follow your vision. This paper makes an attempt to understand leadership the Ramayana way.

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" INNOVATION IN PROCESS FELLOWSHIP 2009/10 (Making children more aware and disciplined by making a balance between inner and outer world)"
Mrs. Renu Vashisthai

Abstract: The importance of the internal world in making a balance with the external world in order to improve upon the undesirable behavior of the students. It illustrates that how the awareness of the basic nature of the soul and its knowledge helps in improving the undesirable behavior of the students and makes them more disciplined. It also illustrates how exemplary teachers use the technique of self actualization in the classroom to reach students' heart and help them to improve upon their behaviour.How do teachers who know and understand it in particular ways learn to transform their knowledge into representation that make sense to the students is discussed.

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"Relation between Self Regulated Learning Strategies and Achievement in Accountancy among Higher Secondary School Students "
Niranjana K. P. , Dr. P. Usha

Abstract: Self regulated learning orients students towards attainment of their own goals through self generated thoughts, feelings and actions that are systematically organized. Self regulated learning strategies are considered as important predictors of academic achievement across the domains. The present study intended to understand the relationship between self regulated learning strategies and achievement in accountancy among higher secondary school students. Sample for the study consisted of 1012 higher secondary school students studying in standard XI of commerce stream of Kerala state. The study adopted survey method. Data were collected by using Scale on Self Regulated Learning Strategies and Achievement Test in Accountancy. Statistical technique used is correlation analysis. The correlation analysis revealed that there exists significant positive relation between self regulated learning strategies and achievement in accountancy for total sample and subsample based on gender. The component wise correlation analysis of self regulated learning strategies also indicated that either high or moderate positive relation exist between cognitive-metacognitive-resource management strategies and achievement in accountancy among higher secondary school students for total sample and sub sample based on gender.

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"An Empirical Assessment on Occupational Stress among School Teachers"
Geeta Rani

Abstract: Occupational stress refers to a situation where occupation related factors interact with employee to change, disrupts or enhance his psychological and physiological conditions such that the person is forced to deviate from normal functioning. The person cannot work efficiently due to stress. This situation becomes more problematic in case of teaching profession, because if a teacher is in stress, he/she will not be able to give full justification towards his/her teaching which in turn will disturb the academic performance of the students and the whole social and professional system will be disturb eventually. In the present paper, occupational stress has been evaluated for male and female married and unmarried high school teachers. Results found that that occupational stress index is the highest in case of married male teachers, while it is lowest in case of unmarried female teachers.

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"Parenting Style on Adolescent Multidimensional aspects by using MESPA Self Rating Scale& PSFFQ along with standardization"
Shyny T. Y.

Abstract: Current research was an effort to investigate Mental health ,Emotional intelligence, Self esteem ,Personality & Achievement motivation of adolescents associated with their parent's parenting styles. A stratified sample of 600 adolescents from public and private schools of Thrissur , Kerala, and their 600 parents were selected to participate in this study. PSFFQ is specially constructed and standardized by pilot study on 64 parents to measure parenting styles. Self constructed Standardized MESPA (Mental health ,Emotional intelligence, Self esteem ,Personality, Achievement motivation) Self Rating Scale which use to measure Adolescent MESPA is also standardized by pilot study on 64 parents.

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"B.Ed Learners of Achievement in Relation to Their Anxiety with Gender, Methodology and Locality"
Dr. K. C. Shankaraiahi

Abstract: The study has been investigated on “ B.Ed students of Achievement in relation to their Anxiety with Gender, Methodology and Locality variables “. The Investigator found that the relationship between the Achievement and Anxiety levels with Gender ,Methodology and locality. The sample could take on 400 B.Ed students equally distributed between two Genders and four types of Methodologies .in chittoor (dt). Achievement of B.Ed Student-Teachers irrespective of their level of Anxiety has shown low. However, There was a significant difference between the levels of Achievement of the three groups of student-teachers. It concluded that there exists a Negative relationship between Anxiety and Achievement, which is also an expected one. Gender and locality refers to that there was not significant. Gender indicates that both male and female student-teachers had similar level of Achievement , it means that both categories of student-teachers had less achievement in their course . Locality implies that the t-test was not significant. It indicating that the locality of student-teachers did not have any influence on their achievement and Methodology reveals that the correlation is a significant. It denotes that there exists a positive relationship between Methodology and Achievement .

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