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 "Steiner and Montessori: Integral education within a spiritual world view "
Dr. Albert Ferrer

Abstract: Among the Western pioneers of integral value-based education, two authors deserve special attention in Europe: Steiner and Montessori. This paper outlines a common underlying background in both of them - Philosophical Idealism and Theosophy-; according to the author, it is this special Idealistic sensitiveness that compels the two renowned educationists to react against the technocratic and utilitarian mainstream school system and suggest new avenues for the pedagogic practice in a holistic, humanistic and even spiritual horizon which overcomes the valueless soulless patterns of modernity. If mainstream schooling is based upon a certain world view - materialistic and mechanistic- Steiner and Montessori's pedagogic innovation is based upon another world view which is humanistic and spiritual. In spite of different paths in professional terms and different personal contexts, they both put forward the same fundamental pedagogic principles deriving from this common underlying paradigm. From this point of view, the needed caution from mainstream schooling while approaching their philosophy of education should not overlook the contribution that they have made and they still can make to transform the educational systems for better.

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"Relationship between Self-Concept and Scholastic Achievement of Professional Course Students"
Seema Chaurasia , Rajkumari Singh

Abstract: The objective of study is to look into the relationship between self-concept and scholastic achievement of professional course students. Difference between self-concept of male and female, urban and rural as well as students from government and private college is also considered for investigation. The study consist of 600 sample data of professional courses of engineering and diploma of civil, mechanical and computer science branches are participated. The data for this study is collected through the questionnaire which extracts information of student emotional intelligence and the percentage scored in first year is used as a scholastic achievement of the students. For self-concept, Pratibha Deo tool is used for data collection. Pearson correlation coefficient and t-test were used for analyzing the data.

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"To Study of Role of Physical Education for the Development of Students of Government and Private ETE Institute "
Rajni, Rakesh Gupta

Abstract: The purpose of the research was to study the background of the students about the physical education activities, to study the health habits, to check the available resources and physical facilities for training and conditioning, to check the regular physical education activities conducted in the institutes, to study the perception and attitude of govt. and private ETE students about the Physical education activities, to find out to what extent the activities are undertaken by the ETE institutes, to find out the constraints and problems faced by physical education students. Revealing the nature of the research, for collection of data researcher had used a self-made questionnaire containing 57 questions. Survey method was conducted in all 9 govt. ETE institutes and 9 private ETE institutes which were randomly selected. The sample comprised of 360 students [20 (10 students from first year and 10 students from 2 year) students from each ETE institute]. Collected data from the sample was analyzed using frequency and percentage. Table No. 1.1 to 1.13 presents the background of the students about the physical education. 2. The available resources and physical facilities for training and conditioning. 3. The regular physical education activities conducted at the institute.

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"Study of Students' Achievement in Mathematics in Relation to their Interpersonal Relationship"
Dr. M. Narayana Swamy , Smt. Shalini Rao N

Abstract: The classroom is a social system in which the teacher and the students interact as organizational members. The quality of classroom relations is dependent on the activities of both the instructor and the students. Several environmental conditions and circumstances often tend to either improve or depress the academic performances of students. It may also be due to interpersonal relationship among students. Hence the aim of this study was to identify the relationship between students' interpersonal relationships and their academic achievement in mathematics. A sample of 100 students belonging to IX standard was randomly drawn from R.V. Girls High School, Bangalore city. The tools consisted of interpersonal relationship scale constructed and validated by the researcher and mathematical achievement test. The data was analysed using the Pearson product moment correlation analysis (r). The major outcome was that there was a significant relationship between students' interpersonal relationship and their academic achievements in mathematics. This has a great implication on the educational field that a good human relationship is one of the lubricants of high productivity. Teachers should therefore galvanize cordial relations between students. All teachers should bear in mind that a healthy interpersonal relationship is one indispensable instrument of high productivity and achievement in all fields of human endeavour including the education industry.

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" Associations of Life Satisfaction and Depression among Obese"
Shefali SK

Abstract: Obesity is a serious problem and it is a major public health concern world-wide. The objective of the study is to see the gender difference in Life Satisfaction and Depression among obese and also the relationship between them. Sample for the study consisted of 60 obese patients, (30 males and 30 females) who were under weight reduction treatment. The tools used to assess Life satisfaction and Depression are Life satisfaction scale by Dr. Promila Singh and Gorge Joseph,1971 and Becks Depression Inventory by Dr. Aaron.T.Beck, 1974 respectively. Results were analysed using Independent sample t- test and Pearson coefficient of correlation. Results showed that there is no significant gender difference in Life satisfaction and Depression. The findings indicated that there is significant negative relationship between Life Satisfaction and Depression.

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"Film Based Counselling on Relational Aggression Among College Students "
Sonia David

Abstract: The main aim of the study is to understand the effect of film and counselling on the level of relational aggression among college students. Random Sampling was used to screen a sample of 40 participants who are college students from Urban Bangalore and are between the ages of 18 to 23, out of which 20 were selected with High level of Aggression using Purposive Sampling. The study was a quasi- experimental method of study. The Buss and Perry Aggressive Questionnaire (1992) (Buss & Perry, 1992) was used for assessment as a pre-test post test method as statistical analysis. The statistical procedures for the quantitative analysis used was the Paired Sample t test in order to assess and obtain the pre-test and post test scores for both the Experimental and Control group. The statistical results show that there is an effect of film therapy and counselling on the level of relational aggression among college students and accepted the hypothesis. The qualitative analysis involved interpretive phenomenological analysis including content analysis, thematic analysis and behavioural analysis of participants in the Experimental Group. Implications along with suggestions are given with respect to film therapy, counselling and relational aggression.

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"Investigating the Structural Aspect Validity of a Large-Scale Standardized Achievement Test Using Rasch and CFA of Item Parceling Analysis "
Amjed A. Al-Owidha

Abstract: This study aims to collect evidence on the structural aspect validity of Standardized Achievement Admission Test (SAAT) scores. Over a thousand examinees were randomly selected and their responses used in this analysis. Two approaches were used to investigate the structural aspect validity of SAAT test scores; Rasch analysis and confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) of item parceling. First, Rasch analysis was applied to the SAAT test scores. Several Rasch indices were used. Overall fit statistics, item fit statistics, the person reliability index, point- measure correlations, principle components analysis of Rasch residuals, and differential item functioning were computed and used in the analysis. Second, the CFA of item parcels was applied to the SAAT. Several fit statistical indices were used to evaluate the fit of the measurement model to the SAAT data. Specifically, the Chisquare test, root mean square error of approximation, goodness of fit index, comparative fit index, Tucker- Lewis index, Standardized mean square residuals, and Akaike Information Criterion were all used to further investigate the structural aspect validity of the SAAT test scores. The findings of both paradigms lend support to the hypothesized structure of the SAAT test. Also, as an attempt to evaluate the plausibility of the current position of English items as being one major component of the SAAT composite score, both frameworks showed an agreement supports the notion that the English items of the SAAT are measuring mastery level of English proficiency rather than high school achievement. However, given the fact that the current study was applied only to the SAAT tests for male science majors; we suggest conducting further studies that include more representative sample of the SAAT population.

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" Role of Ethics in Providing in Sustainable Solutions to Gender Issues in Developing Countries"
Dr. Asha Gupta

Abstract: In developing countries, ethics relating to gender issues is continuing to enhance in complexity. This is due to differential historical backgrounds, educational level, perception of sexual issues, traditions, rituals, attitudes, customs and the resultant behavior. Religion, caste, peer pressures have further added to this. Discussion of sexual issues is a taboo and is not considered as a cultured and sophisticated behavior. Violence, aggression, injustice, poverty, lack of education is largely responsible for aberrant behavior. Security, safety and proper development of girl child has become a major issue. Psychologists, clinicians, educationists, planners, administrator and enforcement agencies see gender issues and ethical behavior differently. Scientific and technological research has its own effect. New ways of marital relationships have caused fissions in society. LGBT groups, ‘ Live in’ relationships have shattered the established institutions of marriage. Equality of sexes and gender issues do not look at the seriousness of trading of girl child, call girl rackets, high profile ‘ Rave Parties ’ until some calamity occurs. HIV-AIDS, STD and other forms of physical, mental and behavioral disorders afflict a significant section of youth. Tantries, Pseudo Saints, self styled God-Men and their conduct vis - à - vis girls / women raises serious ethical issues. Various forms of assisted reproductive technologies like IVF, ICSI, SURROGACY, SPERM / OVUM / EMBRYO BANKS AND CLONING have sprung up as new shock waves for every society. Political, religious, social leaders consider that they are the forerunners of uncontrollable problems in both the oriental and occidental world. It can be likened to a volcano of unlimited impact and unassisted consequence. Since these technologies are gaining ground need to evolve a structured National Policy. A model for handling ethical problems relating to gender issues vis- à - vis emerging technologies and dynamic changes in the thought processes and of action programs will be presented.

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" Understanding and assessing social anxiety among college students and its counseling through CBT"

Abstract: Social performance and social skills are very important for today' s students. The fear of social interactions and performance phobia are daily encounters for college youth. In Seminars, presentation, group projects students are expected to speak in front of a large crowd, who they are familiar or unfamiliar to. Students face phobia, avoidance, fear of negative judgment and find difficulty to cope up with these issues. The assessment of these presentations also contributes a major share of their degree grading as well. Thus students need support and help to self boost their level which requires a specialist. Author of this paper, a counselor was able to treat the students through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy that is highly effective for social anxiety. The tools used to measure anxiety was Social Interaction Anxiety Scale (SIAS), to measure the judgment of negative evaluation was Brief Fear of Negative Evaluation Scale (Leary 1983) and to measure the phobia was Social phobia inventory SPIN . The tools were administered pre and post the intervention and results were calculated according to respective tools (SIAS, BFNE,SPIN).Cognitive behavior therapy was intervened with 12 sessions of 2hrs each session (weekly twice) for 32 students of EEE department of age group 20. The researcher has taken data for the time period of August 2017 to September 2017. The result suggests there is reduction and significant impact of CBT counseling in student's social anxiety and social phobia.

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