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 "Investigating Hindrance to Effective Communication between the Management and Academic Staff of Universities in Malaysia: A Qualitative Case Study "
Sadia A. , Salleh B. M.,Zulida A. K., Sazuliana S.

Abstract: Communication is the exchange and flow of information and ideas from one person to another, communication takes place persistently within an organization. Effective communication occurs only if the receiver understands the exact information or idea that the sender intended to transmit. To investigate the effectiveness of communication in the organization as it possibly will rally staff productivity and satisfaction. Analysis showed that internal communication has been ignored by some Malaysian organizations, low level of communication satisfaction of academic staff, means communication satisfaction is undermined by a lack of senior leader transparency and commitment to principles. This case study assesses the hindrances between academic staff with higher management. The study used qualitative survey approach because of its emphasis on qualities of entities, processes, and meaning that cannot be experimentally examined. Out of whole academic staff, a sample size of 40 randomly selected from two categories academic staff (lecturer, senior lecturer, associate professor and professor) and former heads of department. These outcomes indicate a need to develop new approaches to assessing internal communication effectiveness also encouraged to focus on employee communication needs in terms of content as well as a channel among staff and management. This study might contribute to enhancing the understanding of communication effectiveness in overcoming the hindrance among management and academic staff of Universities. Findings of this study might be used as a recommendation for leaders of academic organizations in order to consider approaches such as communication effectiveness when they call for improvement and progress.

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"Career Decidedness and Emotion Regulation as Predictors of Depression among Students"
Davender , Sandeep Singh

Abstract: Present investigation was intended to explore the relationship among career decidedness, emotion regulation and depression among adolescents. The study was conducted on six hundred senior secondary school students’ age ranging from 15 to 19 years with a mean age of 17 years. These subjects were further sub divided on the bases of gender into male and female participants. They were selected from various schools of Haryana state following randomized technique. They were tested by administering Career Decidedness Scale, Difficulties in Emotion Regulation Scale and Beck Depression Inventory-II. The obtained data were analyzed by using hierarchical multiple regression in order to test the stated speculations. It was observed that career decidedness and emotion regulation were found to be the predictor of depression among subjects belonging to both the sexes. These reported findings were discussed in the light of relevant literature.

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"Attitude towards Sex Education among Teachers and Class XII Students of Senior Secondary Schools of Tura "
Yodida Bhutia , Maynochi G. Momin

Abstract: Education is the process of gaining various experiences. While growing, it is important to receive correct information for wholesome development of personality and one of the programme is sex education. It is an educational programme to assist young people in their physical, social and emotional development as they prepare for adulthood, marriage, personal-hood and aging. Sex education involves the acknowledgement and understanding of the process of sexual development and interaction that starts at conception and affects the individual for the rest of his/her life. It enables individual to recognize and be comfortable with their sexuality.

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"Effect of Instruction in Location of Topic Sentence on Academic Achievement of Senior Secondary School Students in Reading Comprehension"
Adedokun , Adewole Olubunmi

Abstract: The study was undertaken to determine the effect of instruction in Location of Topic Sentence on academic achievement of Senior Secondary School Students in reading comprehension in selected Local Government Areas in Gumel Emirate, Jigawa State, Nigeria. The population of the study comprised all the 3,315 students at senior secondary school class two level (SSS 11) in all the 12 public secondary schools in Gumel Emirate of Jigawa State in 2015/2016. The sample for the study consisted of 420 SS11 students in the 2015/2016 session in twelve (12) intact classes which were drawn from four (4) single-sex schools, using purposive sampling technique. The research design for the study was a quasi-experimental and specifically the non-randomized control group. Location of topic sentence (LOTS) reading strategy developed by the researcher was used to teach students in Experimental Group1, Experimental Group 2 and Control Group. The instrument for data collection was English Language Comprehension Passage Questions (ELCPQ). The three groups had the same pre-test passages. Also, their post-test passages were the same. The scorer reliability of the pre test and post test instruments computed using Kendall coefficient of concordance yielded the reliability index of .78 and .73 respectively. The study was guided by one research question and one hypothesis. While mean and standard deviation was used to answer the research question, the analysis of covariance (ANCOVA) was used to test the hypothesis. The finding indicated that the students exposed to topic sentence at the beginning of paragraphs achieved higher in reading comprehension than their counterparts exposed to topic sentences located at the middle and at the end of paragraphs. The finding established a significant difference in the mean achievement scores of students presented with topic sentence at the beginning, at the middle and at the end of paragraphs of a reading passage. The pairwise comparisons of the mean difference between the groups showed that the beginning topic sentence was more effective in comprehending passages followed by the middle topic sentence and the ending topic sentence respectively. Based on the findings, it was recommended that English language teachers should use Location of Topic Sentence (LOTS) reading strategy to teach reading comprehension in secondary schools in Nigeria.

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" Verbal Working Memory Deficits in Children with Chinese Developmental Dyslexia"
Cecilia Yuet Hung Chan

Abstract: Previous research indicated the association of working memory deficits and English developmental dyslexia. This study investigates whether verbal working memory deficits also associate with Chinese developmental dyslexia. Verbal working memory involves storing and processing of verbal information. In the study, Chinese dyslexic children were compared with their non-dyslexic counterparts in sentence listening and sentence reading tests that measured working memory capacity and assessed sentence processing ability. The results of the study show that Chinese dyslexic children performed significantly worse than their controls in word recall, sentence recall and sentence comprehension in both spoken and written forms. The findings of the study reveal that Chinese developmental dyslexia, similar to English developmental dyslexia, is connected with weak verbal working memory. It is suggested that training of verbal working memory needs to be considered in language education for Chinese dyslexics.

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"Comparative study of effectiveness of of Concept Attainment Model over Traditional method of teaching an unit from physical science between homogenous and heterogeneous group in higher secondary classes "
C L Bhaskara

Abstract: The Objective of the Current study is to study the effectiveness of concept attainment model and traditional method of teaching set of concepts from physical science in relation with concept achievement. Being the conceptual subject Physical needs the distinct teaching methods. It has been felt that in spite of strenuous efforts of science teacher, students fail to grasp the certain concepts of the subject which lead disinterest among students towards physics in general. Experimental research method was used for present study. Tool used for the research self-prepared physics lesson ‘ thermal states of matter’ from higher secondary level lesson transcripts of Physics and lesson plans of traditional method and for post-test standardized by team of experts in the field of education. The present study reveals that there is a significant difference between concept attainment model(CAM) and traditional method on the achievement of students in understanding of concepts of physics from the unit ‘ Thermal States of Matter’ This study reveals that there is a significant difference between concept attainment model(CAM) on the achievement of students for acquisition of relevant concepts from the unit ‘ Thermal states of matter’ in higher secondary classes and traditional method ( by evaluation approach).

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"Mental Health of Visually Impaired students in relation to their Academic Achievement "
Ms. Mecal Ongmu Lepcha

Abstract: The World Health Organization (WHO) (2002) estimates that for every five seconds someone goes blind. India is a home to World's largest number of blind people. 15 million (25%) blind people live in India out of 45 million blind people found to be present all over the World. Almost 5th of the world’s visually impaired children live in India.

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" Memory Ability of the 3rd Grade Students at Some Primary Schools in The Mekong Delta, Vietnam"
Huýnh Vã n Son ,Huýnh Xuân Nhut,Lê Thi Ngoc Thuong ,Nguyên Thi Phú Quý ,Nguyên The Diêm My

Abstract: IThis paper presents the short-term memory capacity status (numeracy memory, word memory, logical memory and rote memory) and the working memory development of the 3rd grade students in the rural area, Mekong Delta, Vietnam. The research results show that the 3rd grade students have memory capacity of logic, numeracy, rote that are in the adults’ memory capacity range (7 ± 2), the memory capacity of words is below the memory capacity range of the adults. The working memory of most of the 3rd grade students develops normally.

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" Study On Cognitive Development Regarding the Acquisition of Basic Geometric Concepts Among Middle School Children with Special Reference to Gender Differences."
Dr. Chandrani Acharya Roy

Abstract: Maths and Geometry are both liked and feared by generations of students. Math is generally seen as a male domain, much research has gone into finding out the truths whether boys are really better at maths, than girls. While some findings show gender equity others reinforce male superiority in mathematics. In our culture gender divide is often very apparent. This probably affects spatial skills differently of boys and girls as also their competence in geometry. This study has also attempted to find out whether there is indeed any gender disparity in learning geometry and whether this is affected by class (VII and IX), locality (urban/ rural) and by parents’ profession. The sample consisted of 1030 boys and girls in class VII and IX in Kolkata and surrounding districts. The tools consisted of a personal data sheet and a scale entitled“ How Much Geometry Do You Really Know ?” constructed by the investigator. Quantitative techniques of data analysis revealed that boys scored higher than girls in geometry achievement. This was consistently apparent in nearly all subgroups of the sample.

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" A Survey of Self confidence of B.Ed Students "
Dr. S. Geetha

Abstract: Students who perform well have increased confidence which in turn encourages students to take greater responsibility to successfully complete tasks. Students who perform better receive more positive evaluations report and greater self-confidence. Low achieving students report less confidence and high performing students report higher self-confidence. Teachers can greatly affect the self-confidence of their students depending on how they treat them..

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" Psychometric Evaluation of Child and Adolescent Mindfulness Measure (CAMM) with Turkish Sample "
Dr. Zeynep Aydin Sü nbü l

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to examine the psychometric features as well as the correlates of Child and Adolescent Mindfulness Measure (CAMM) in Turkish adolescents. In total, 221 adolescents (125 female, 86 male) attended to the study. CFA analysis was used to examine the initially offered one factor structure of CAMM. So as to check the convergent and incremental validity, Mindful Attention Awareness Scale- Adolescent version (Brown, West, Loverich, & Biegel, 2011) Self- Compassion Scale (Neff, 2003) and Difficulties in Emotion Regulation Scale (Gratz & Roemer, 2004) were also utilized. The findings of CFA promoted the single factor CAMM in Turkish adolescents. In addition CAMM came out to have positive correlations to MAASA (r=.56, p<.01) and Self-Compassion Scale (r=.35, p<.01) while negative correlation to Difficulties in Emotion Regulation Scale (r=-.52, p<.01). Internal consistency indicator of Cronbach Alpha was also found as .80 for the whole scale.

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" Cognitive capabilities among preschool children: Comparative study between Kindergarten, Anganwadi, Montessori and Special school for children with Hearing Impairment"
Shobha B. N. , Kadambari N. ,Anjana K.

Abstract: Preschool program for children with hearing impairment is very important for the cognitive development which intern helps the children to cope up in a regular classroom. Early intervention and pre schooling is important for strong cognitive function of both hearing and children with hearing impaired. This study was under taken for understanding about the cognitive capability of hearing children versus children with hearing impairment across 4 types of preschool set up viz Kindergarten, Anganwadi, Montessori and Special school. Students from Preschool setups were selected for the study, Padmini Cognitive Capability Test (PCCT) was used to find cognitive capabilities in task in like Length seriation, shape completion, action through signs and classification of pictures. The data was hence analyzed and the results revealed that there was no significant difference between the cognitive capabilities of CWHI and hearing children in all the four setups. In both Montessori and special schools principle of individual attention with a series of structural activity are provided. In kindergarten group activity with rote learning is encouraged, In anganvadi it is vary pathetic to observe teacher busy with organizing distribution of food in an large group children and parents. The performance of Montessori children and CWHI studying in special school found to perform significantly better and shown highest degree of readiness to enter into primary school compare to other two school settings. Thus it is concluded that preschool centers do not have uniform pattern of teaching to make the children for ready to enter primary school.

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" A Study of Response Inhibition in Bipolar Mania"
Mohit Kumar ,Basudeb Das ,Sanjay Kumar, Masood Maqbool , Satyam Sharma

Abstract: Background: It is largely accepted that response inhibition plays a key role in bipolar disorder. However, the effect of specific role played by various sub-facets of response inhibition remains largely unknown. Objective: The present study aims to see various sub-components of response inhibition in patients diagnosed with BPAD current episode manic type. Method: Purposive sampling was used to select 20 patients with diagnosis of BPAD current episode manic type (based on ICD- 10 DCR) (group 1) from a tertiary care hospital. Another 20 normal healthy subjects (group 2) were taken from accompanying person on the score of less than 3 in GHQ-12. Both the groups were matched on age, sex and education level obtained through initial assessment on socio-demographic clinical data sheet. All the subjects (n=40) were assessed using Stroop Color and Word Test and Wisconsin Card Sorting Test and Sidedness Bias Schedule on both the groups. The collected data were analysed by using probability statistics. Results: There was a statistically significant difference between group 1 and group 2 on measures of Perseverative responses, Percent perseverative responses, Perseverative errors, Percent perseverative errors in WCST. On Stroop Test, Word Score (W), Color Score (C), Color- Word Score (CW) and Trails to complete first category. Conclusion: The findings of this study suggest that response inhibition more present in patients with BPAD than normal subjects.

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" Decision Making Skill among 8th standard Children with Hearing Impairment studying in Inclusive Set-up"
Ms. Shobha N. Odunavar , Prof. (Rtd) Premlatha Sharma

Abstract: Life Skill Education is one of the Co-scholastic activity taught in School , which includes the 10 core life skills suggested by the WHO those are: Decision making, Problem solving, Creative thinking, Critical thinking, Effective communication, Interpersonal relationship skills, self-awareness, Empathy Coping with emotions, Coping with stress. Decision making is a process and more over it is a significant living skill which is learned, like the other skills, to be able to become efficient in the filed, time and life experiences are necessary. Teachers have been trained to carry out all the Co-Scholastic aspects including the life skills education. Life skills are required to lead a healthy and wealthy life on day to day basis. Education in regular school includes Children with Special Needs, who are not excluded children with hearing Impairment. Hence, need was felt to find out the level of decision making skills in routine life among the children with hearing impairment studying in 8th standard of inclusive set-up in Mysore city. Objective of the study is to identify the decision making skills in routine life among the 8th standard children. Descriptive research design was used with 9 students as participants. Questionnaire was prepared to assess the decision making skills. The data analysed with the help of measures of central tendency. It was found that 60% of the participants given correct responses significantly. It shows that Decision making skill requires high level of cognitive process and critical thinking abilities to make right decision at right time. As far as children with hearing impairment are concern, even though they are included in the regular school, they will get wider scope for holistic development when compare to other set of schooling but productive development is still questionable.

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" An Overview of EFL Writing Course Reforms in a Chinese College-from a Closed System to a Transnational Programme "
Jingbi LIANG

Abstract: This paper is to give an overview of the effectiveness of reforms in Guangdong University of Foreign Studies about EFL writing courses---the "Write to Learn" approach and peer review activities. These reforms come from rethinking about the problems of writing teaching in China: exam-orientedness, teacher-centredness, and overemphasis on error correction. Based on Krashen's affective filters, Swain's Comprehensible output, the "write to learn" approach (the Length Approach and writing continuation tasks) reinforces the learners' sense of achievement as well as maximizes the output. This student-centred approach is further developed by the peer review activities among homogeneous Chinese partners and heterogeneous Sino-US pen pals to enhance writers' audience and cross-cultural awareness, which conforms to Vygotsky's belief in cognitive development as a result of social interaction. It is found that the reforms motivate students in writing, ease their anxiety and lead to betterment in linguistic performance and cultural awareness.

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" Incidence of Academic Dishonesty among Post-graduate Students in Federal Universities in South South Nigeria"
Emmanuel Etta Ekuri , Julius Michael Egbai

Abstract: This study sought to provide empirical data on rampant academic dishonest behaviours among post graduate students of Federal Universities in South-South Zone of Nigeria; and also to fnd out the underlying factors associated with such academic dishonest behaviours. This study adopted the survey design to collect data from Post-graduate students from 3 Universities in South South zone.. The sample for this study consisted of nine hundred and thirty (930) post graduate students of three federal universities in South-South zone of Nigeria (440 males and 490 females), with age range of 20 and 50years, and a mean age of 38.35 from the Universities of Calabar, Port-Harcourt, and Benin. The sample was selected through stratified random sampling technique. A valid and reliable 61 item scale (Academic Dishonest Behaviour Questionnaire), with a Cronbach Alpha reliability of .68, was used to measure the frequency of occurrence of each type of dishonest behaviour identified among students. The final version of the questionnaire was administered to graduate students in the respective Universities with the help of four trained research assistants. Frequencies and percentages count of rampant academic dishonest behaviour was calculated, while factor analysis technique was used to isolate the underlying factors associated with academic dishonesty among the target group. The summary of the findings indicates that: Students tended to have been greatly involved in most aspects of academic dishonest behaviours including examination and non examination cheating behaviours. Generally, the underlying factors of academic dishonest behaviours include; impersonation, plagiarism, unruly behaviour, concoction, copying, and colluding.

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" Exploratory Study of Answer changing behaviour in Multiple Choice Test among Science Students in Nigerian setting"
Emmanuel Etta Ekuri, Alice Etimi

Abstract: This study provided empirical data on the prevalence of answer changing behaviour among science subjects;and to also find out if there is gender difference in answer changing behaviour in the subjects. The study utilized secondary data, essentially involving responses of students in Mock 2014 Mock, administered in 2014 by the Cross River State Ministry of Education, Calabar. Subject of this study consisted 32 answer scripts (18males and 14 females) in four subjects (Mathematics, Chemistry, Physic and Biology), systematically selected from seven schools that wrote Mock 2014 in Calabar South Local Government, in Nigeria. The Mock examination is considered a standardized test, therefore reliability and validity of the instrument were assumed established by the board. Descriptive analysis (percentages and charts) were used to summarise the result with respect to answer changing behaviour in the four subjects, while chi-square analysis was used to investigate the incidence of answer changing behaviour among four subjects on one hand, and gender difference with respect to answer changing in the four subjects on the other hand. The result indicated that answer changing behaviour occurred in all the four subjects, with the most change in Mathematics and the least change in physics. Also, there was a significant gender difference in answer changing behaviour in mathematics with male students slightly higher than female students. However, there was no significant gender differences in the other three subjects.

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