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 "Accepting Lies Through the Tunnel Effect; An Analogy Between Physics and Psychology "
Jose A. Martinez

Abstract: Explaining how some individuals are able to accept a lie as the truth, even when there is overwhelming proof that it is, in fact, a lie, is a difficult task that encompasses a series of complex interactions between several psychological phenomena. This paper introduces a way to explain such irrational behavior, by drawing an analogy with the tunnel effect, an illogical phenomenon of physics whereby a fundamental particle can pass through a barrier and be transmitted even when it does not have enough energy to do so. Through this analogy, a better understanding of the underlying reasons for such behavior is achieved, linking specific psychological variables to the physical variables depicting the transmission of a wave in the framework of Schrödinger's stationary wave equation.

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"The Effects of Achievement Motivation and Perceived Teacher Involvement in Academic Tasks on the Academic Achievement and Psychological Well-being of Rural Students in the Interior Sabah Division, Malaysia"
Getrude C. Ah Gang @ Grace , Crispina Gregory K Han , Lay Yoon Fah , Lawrence Alan Bansa

Abstract: This study examines the effects of achievement motivation and perceived teacher involvement on academic achievement and psychological well-being of rural students in the Interior Sabah Division (Beaufort, Keningau, Kuala Penyu, Membakut, Pensiangan, Sipitang, Tambunan & Tenom). We predicted that achievement motivation contributes to both academic achievement and psychological well-being. We also predicted teachers' involvement in students' academic work also contributes to both dependent variables. A total of 1586 students participated in this study from 21 rural schools in the Interior Division Sabah. A questionnaire, divided into four sections, was used to measure all the variables. Section A measured the demographic variables, such as the academic achievement, academic level, age, gender and location; Section B; measured achievement motivation; Section C measured the perception of teacher involvement in students' academic work and Section D measured psychological well-being. Hierarchical regression analyses were used to analyze the data. The study found that achievement motivation contributed 4% to the variance in academic achievement and 16% on psychological well-being. In regards to teachers' involvement in academic studies, it contributed 6% to students' psychological well-being but not in academic achievement. These significant findings may create awareness and bring the matter to the attention of the Ministry of Education, the schools and Parent-Teacher Association. From this study, it is our hope that the Educational Institution may provide more achievement motivational programs to enhance rural students' psychological well-being and academic achievement.

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"Mental health research of “ Children in Conflict with the Law“ : A Conceptual Analysis of some Ethical Issues in the Context of Child Sexual Abuse "
Kalpana Purushothaman , Tripathi S K

Abstract: While the broad ethical principles guiding researchers conducting research with human or animal subjects can still be applied to research with children, some additional safeguards may be required to ensure that the rights and vulnerability of children, and especially those of ‘ particularly vulnerable‘ children like those in conflict with the law are respected. There is very little research on the mental health issues, including child sexual abuse of children in conflict with the law in India. There are also no clearly defined set of guidelines for conducting any mental health research with children in conflict with the law. Research exploring any aspect of mental health of children in conflict with the law is very likely to explore or reveal a history of child sexual abuse in this vulnerable population. An attempt has been made to discuss the need for specific guidelines to be followed by a researcher in the face of disclosure of sexual abuse by a research participant (i.e a child in conflict with the law) during any mental health research study. The paper also examines the challenges before the mental health researcher thrown up by the legal obligations of mandatory reporting (mandated under Section 19, Chapter V of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act, 2012).

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"A Comparative Study on Indian and International Prospective of Domestic Violence"
Ms. Gurnoor Kaur , Ms. Malika Oberoi

Abstract: In the present modern era the state has undertaken the responsibility for the adequate protection of the individual and to provide the reasonable opportunity to every person for the overall development of the personality of the individual. The concept of “Human rights” was evolved in England when religion and church exercised the considerable influence on the evolution of the “Human Rights”. Every women is entitled to have equal rights as that of the men. So many national and international laws have been emerged to protect them.

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" Can I play on the Computer? The Construct of Digital Play from the Perspective of UK Nursery-aged Children in Early Childhood Settings"
Hani Almehrz

Abstract: The study reported here explores nursery-aged children's perceptions of ICT-based experiences. A series of ethnographic case studies was conducted in three private nurseries in the UK, using participant observations, drawing and field notes, in addition to discussions with children. The participant children (n = 65) were three and four years old. Using their own words, the data analysis captured children's perspectives on encounters with the technologies available in the nurseries. The findings demonstrate how the children constructed their experiences with these technological resources as ‘play’ in their social interactions, with some tension between a preference to share their play with a friend or friends and a desire for personal ownership of the experiences. They co-constructed this ‘play’ drawing on preferences for agency, social roles, gender differences and moral thinking together with technological positioning. The article concludes by suggesting pedagogical points for early childhood communities and directions for further research.

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"Peer2peer Learning Among Youth (PLAY): An Innovative Initiative in a Rural Elementary School in India "
S. Rangarajan

Abstract: This paper presents a unique and universal scheme to improve the performance of every student. We present a recent case study conducted in a rural elementary school located in the outskirts of Bangalore, India. It is shown how the scores in one topic of mathematics among a class of 10 students showed a drastic improvement when a student who understood the problem better explained the procedure to his classmates. It is proposed that researchers study the effectiveness of this component as an aid in improving the learning outcomes of students in schools especially in remote areas, especially since this scheme does not require any additional costs.

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"Leadership Style of Head Teachers at Secondary Level in West Bengal "
Mr. Shankar Barman , Dr. Ramakanta Mohalik

Abstract: The main purpose of this paper is to study the leadership style of head teachers at secondary level as perceived by teachers. Survey research method was applied for studying the leadership style of head teacher with nine head teachers and 22 assistant teachers selected purposefully from Government secondary schools of Coochbehar district, West Bengal, India. Self-developed questionnaire consisting of 56 items, based on head teacher leadership style was used for data collection. The collected data were analyzed by using percentage, frequency and accordingly interpretations are drawn. The study found that i) 77.3% of teachers agreed that HT have a deep rooted understanding of the school functioning. ii) 81.8% of teachers believe that HT shares visions with the teachers. iii) 81.8 % of teachers agreed that HT acts as a guide for all the staff, iv) 77.3% of teachers supported that HT provide resources needed for all round development of the school, and v) 86.4% of teachers pointed out that HT works according to the rules of the school. The study has suggested implications for head teachers to develop leadership style, school administration, overall development all staff and student as well as organising professional development programmes.

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" How to Conduct an Effective Literature Review and its Management"
Jagadeesh Panda , Padala Alekya

Abstract: Literature review can be instructive, evaluative, and useful synthesis of a specific topic. It can establish what is familiar and unfamiliar in the particular area, identify areas of disagreement, and help develop questions that need further research. Literature can be reviewed through different sources. Despite of the type, a good review is identified by the author's efforts to evaluate and critically scrutinize the appropriate work in the field. With the growth in Internet industry, researching for scientific materials has now become trouble free. Students can get information on any topic through academic search engines and also the development of Mobile Apps for searching the scientific Literature allows you full text access to current research, thereby internet serves as supporting tool to conduct research.

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" The Effects of Perfectionism and Negative Repetitive thoughts on School Burnout among Hong Kong College Students"
Christopher H. K. Cheng , Bonnie K. Y. Lai

Abstract: Perfectionism is known to be predictive of school burnout. However, the adaptive and maladaptive dimensions of perfectionism have yet to be examined with the specific aspects of school burnout. Little is known about the underlying mechanisms in such relationships. The current study aimed to investigate the effects of perfectionism and negative repetitive thoughts (rumination and worry) on school burnout among college students. A total of 318 Hong Kong college students were invited to participate in the study by completing a set of questionnaires. Hierarchical regression analyses revealed that adaptive perfectionism did not predict emotional exhaustion, negatively predicted cynicism but positively predicted academic efficacy. Maladaptive perfectionism positively predicted emotional exhaustion and cynicism, and negatively predicted academic efficacy. Worry but not rumination predicted all aspects of school burnout. The subsequent mediation analyses revealed that worry mediated the effect of maladaptive perfectionism on all aspects of school burnout. The current study contributed to the understanding of perfectionism and the mediating role of negative repetitive thoughts (rumination, worry) and school burnout in the Chinese context. Lastly, implication for practical applications and preventive treatments was discussed.

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" B.Ed. students' life experiences"
Dr. S. Geetha

Abstract: Life is a state that distinguishes organisms from non-living objects or dead organisms, being manifested by growth through metabolism and reproduction. A motivational, developmental meta-model of the meaning of everyday life experiences is presented. The model proposes that there are 3 fundamental ways in which people establish meaning across the life span: the paths of belonging (relationships), doing (meaningful engagement in activities), and understanding oneself and the world. The principles of the model include intertwined, fundamental meanings of human experience; the indeterminacy of cause and effect; individual differences in preferences for ways of attaining meaning; the importance of commitments in life; and life-long adaptation and changes in meaning. The model provides an organizing framework that clarifies the assumptions of various disciplinary frames of reference with respect to establishing meaning in everyday life.

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" Learning Outcomes of Elementary Schools in the BIMARU States of India: A Study of National Achievement Survey"
Dr. Bhanu Pratap Pritam

Abstract: Government of India and all the State governments have been investing huge financial outlay for school education in general and elementary education in particular in the last two decades. Still, the question of drop out, non-attainment, less transition and low level of learning achievements are daunting the policymakers of school education. Notably, the learning achievement of BIMARU (Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh) states have abysmally low compared to other regions of the country. In this regard, the study attempts to find out the progress of learning achievement of class three, five and eight across various subjects through the national achievement survey of NCERT.

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" Cognitive Behavior Therapy for students with psychological problems of Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS): A Prospective study"
P. Pangajam , T. Veeramani

Abstract: Premenstrual symptoms are affecting up to 75 percent of women population. It affects the physical and psychological wellbeing of women, and also it impairs their social functioning. The current study examined the efficacy of cognitive behavior therapy for students with premenstrual syndrome. Students were assessed with psychological tools of General health questionnaire, Premenstrual symptom screening tool, Role acceptance scale and psychological wellbeing scale. Those who scored above mean score of GHQ and PSST were taken up for the study.36 students were found to be having premenstrual syndrome out of 100 students, of them 6 were declined to participate in the study. Remaining 30students allotted randomly to therapy and control group equally. Both the groups were compared after a period of 2 months thorough Cognitive behavior therapy. Pre and Post assessment was done after the intervention of cognitive behavior therapy, the results show that therapy group improved significantly in relation to reduction of premenstrual syndrome than the control group. There was also a change of attitude towards menstruation, enhanced role acceptance and psychological well-being.

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" Depression, Anxiety and Stress Among Patients Receiving Methadone Maintenance Therapy and Its Associated Factors; A Cross Sectional Study in Primary Care Clinics, Malaysia"
Mohd Aznan Md Aris ,Abdul Hadi Said, Tin Myo Han, Faiza Abdullah, Nurakmal Mohd Sahar ,Muhammad Firdaus Abdul Hamid , Muhammad Farisham Mohd Khanafiah, Muhammad Syahir Mohamad Fauzi , Ramzi Akram Mohamad

Abstract: Objectives: Several studies have reported the high prevalence of psychiatric problems in patients receiving Methadone Maintenance Therapy. This study measured the prevalence of depression, anxiety and stress among patients receiving Methadone Maintenance Therapy in Malaysia and its predictors. Methods: A cross sectional study was done from July to August 2014 on 83 patients receiving Methadone Maintenance Therapy from three selected government primary care clinics in Malaysia. Multistage sampling methods were used to select the participants for this study. A self-administered questionnaire using the validated Depression, Anxiety and Stress Scales 21 (DASS 21) Malay version was used. The questionnaire also comprised of sociodemopgraphic profile and clinical characteristics to assess for association. Association was tested using chi square test.

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" Significance of Breakfast on Intelligence Quotient (IQ) Level of School Children: A Systematic Review"
Prashant Tripathi , Yashwant Kumar Rao ,Namrata Singh , Kirti Amresh Gautam

Abstract: Breakfast refers to the first meal which is taken in the morning and taken before the start of daily activities. Researchers have demonstrated a link between eating breakfast and positive performance of children. The present study was undertaken to evaluate the effects of breakfast on IQ level of school going children. Effect of breakfast and nutrient on IQ and studies of habitual breakfast intake between regular breakfast intake and skipper has been reviewed on the school children. There are twenty-five studies reviewed which were published between 2003 and 2017. The evidence indicates that regular breakfast consumption is more beneficial than skipping, but this effect is more noticeable in children whose nutritional status is low. Studies of school breakfast programmes suggest that intake of regular breakfast have positive effects on academic performance. Therefore, regular breakfast consumption is correlated with higher intake of essential nutrients eventually positive effect on IQ.

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" Investigating the association between Intimacy and HIV Vulnerability among University Teacher Trainees"
Loyce K Kobusingye

Abstract: The study reveals research findings from a study conducted on 557 university students undergoing teacher training. The investigation analyses the relationship between both emotional and passion-related intimacy; and HIV vulnerability, on the basis of Robert Sternberg's Triangular Theory of Love which proposes that emotional intimacy and passion are two of the three components of Love (Sternberg, 1988). The findings from the investigation reveal that teacher trainees from the Dar es Salaam University College of Education (DUCE) were more intimate than their counterparts at Makerere University College of Education and External Studies (MUCEES) and the relationship between intimacy and HIV vulnerability is both positive and non significant (r=0.036, p=0.393). This calls for more sensitisation of university students on dangers and challenges of intimate relationships, especially those related to health, and specifically, HIV.

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