VOLUME 1, ISSUE 2,October 2012
Article Title & Authors
"Struggling with the Body: A Study of the Novel Strange Obsession"
Dr. Naresh K. Vats 
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"Infusing Technology into Early Childhood Education and Professional Development: A Learning Community Approach"
Dr. Ruslan Slutsky, Dr. Amy Allen
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"Teaching through Mentoring Model: Best Practices for Improved Learning"
Dr. Prakash Chandra Jena
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"Right to Education Act: A Critical Analysis"
Dr. Surjit Singh Puar
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"A Study of E-Waste Management in Relation to Awareness of College Students"
Dr. Sindhu Bala, Ms. Sukirti Goel
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"Beginning General and Special Educators Perceptions of Collaborative Instruction in Inclusive Settings"
BhartiTandon, Elizabeth R. Drame, Laura Owens
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