International Journal of Education and Psychological Research (IJEPR) welcome competent academicians to join us as reviewers. Being a reviewer is a matter of prestige and personnel achievement. International Journal of Education and Psychological Research (IJEPR) follows a strict set of guidelines while accepting the applicant as a reviewer of International Journal of Education and Psychological Research (IJEPR). The minimum set of qualifications for being a reviewer of IJEPR is listed below:

• Should be a holder of PhD degree from a recognized university in relevant field.
• Should be an author with a minimum of a 5 publications in reputed journals.

Kindly send your detail C.V to . IJEPR will revert back within 4 working days.
Guidelines for reviewers:
General: Manuscripts of all papers submitted to the editors for publication are sent to two independent reviewers who have expertise in the subject discussed. Reviewers are requested to assess the value of the present manuscript from a scholarly and research point of view and to comment on the value of the work presented in the manuscript. Manuscripts must be handled as confidential and protected from distribution prior to publication.
Clarity of presentation: The reviewers' task is to comment on the viability of the work as a whole, the accuracy of the methods and results, the originality, etc. For many readers, English is not the native language. It is therefore important that the papers be written in a clear and concise style. Once a manuscript is approved for publication by the reviewers, the editors will work on improving its style and presentation, especially when authors' fluency in English is not satisfactory.
Manuscript Review Report: Reviewers are invited to complete a Manuscript Review Report and to add comments on the Form or on separate sheets if necessary. The review process is confidential; reviewers' names are not disclosed unless explicitly requested by reviewers. Deadlines for review: All research papers are submitted to preliminary review by the Editor-in-Chief. Once a paper is found acceptable for review, the Editorial Office contacts appropriate reviewers. Reviewers are then usually given four two to review a paper.