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(December 2016)

Reservation Discrepancies in Admissions in Jammu and Kashmir

Authors: Hilal Ahmad Najar

Pages: 98-104


Reservation in admissions as affirmative actions has survived on different reasons: one to drive diversity in educational institutions and policy sectors and another to compensate for historical injustice. The utilitarian’s, libertarians and Rawlsians have debated and often justified such reservation by their philosophical overtures. These philosophical justifications for reservations find place in the form provisions which run across constitutions of nations. The Indian Constitution envisages this either expressly or impliedly under different provisions indicating adequate representation in the state administration of all as its basis. The Jammu and Kashmir having its own constitution,approved on 26th Jan,1957,enables the state legislature to ensure reservation to different deserving classes. The Jammu and Kashmir has well knitted reservation policy in admission under the Jammu and Kashmir Reservation Act, 2004and SRO 294 of 2005. This reservation is based on recommendations of various commissions appointed on time to time. However, the agony is that the higher educational institutions established under different statutes by the government have drafted their own reservation policy in admissions keeping state reservation policy at bay. Such reservation quota in admission is no way reflective of the demographic structure of the state. The paper intends to reflect the reservation disparity in admission in different higher educationalin the state and to suggest some valuable inputs to render the deserving classes their due as per the state laws.