International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(December 2017)

An Empirical Assessment on Occupational Stress among School Teachers

Authors: Geeta Rani

Pages: 47-51


Occupational stress refers to a situation where occupation related factors interact with employee to change, disrupts or enhance his psychological and physiological conditions such that the person is forced to deviate from normal functioning. The person cannot work efficiently due to stress. This situation becomes more problematic in case of teaching profession, because if a teacher is in stress, he/she will not be able to give full justification towards his/her teaching which in turn will disturb the academic performance of the students and the whole social and professional system will be disturb eventually. In the present paper, occupational stress has been evaluated for male and female married and unmarried high school teachers. Results found that that occupational stress index is the highest in case of married male teachers, while it is lowest in case of unmarried female teachers.