International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(December 2016)

Psychosocial functioning in Special Learning Difficulties Self – reports in a sample of Greek adolescents with SLDs

Authors: [1] Bozas A. Antonios [2] Bonti Elina [3] Kouimtzi Eleni – Maria [4] Zacharias Kyritsis [5] Karageorgiou Ioannis

Pages: 8-12


This study investigated the co – existence of psychosocial syndromes in a sample of 110 adolescents who visited a psychoeducational center for evaluation or re-evaluation. Participants were asked to complete two self-complementary scales (the SDQ and SCAS scales). Variance analyses indicated the correlations between specific LD diagnoses and clinical outcomes. Although gender had a significant effect in clinical syndromes, the age did not. Girls seem to express more social and behavioral problems than boys. There were no significant clinical differences between SLD subtypes, but individuals with multiple SLDs were found to exhibit more social and anxiety problems in their everyday life than any other SLD subtype. The present study focuses on the evolution of SD and the psychological implications that accompany them, because of the consequences both on the diagnostic process and the intervention design.