International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

(Print and Online Peer Reviewed Journal)

Print - ISSN: 2349 - 0853
e - ISSN: 2279 - 0179


(March 2018)

Article Title and Authors

Title : Steiner and Montessori: Integral education within a spiritual world view

Authors : Dr. Albert Ferrer

Abstract : Among the Western pioneers of integral value-based education, two authors deserve special attention in Europe: Steiner and Montessori. This paper outlines a common underlying...See More

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Title : Relationship between Self-Concept and Scholastic Achievement of Professional Course Students

Authors : [1] Seema Chaurasia [2] Rajkumari Singh

Abstract : The objective of study is to look into the relationship between self-concept and scholastic achievement of professional course students. Difference between self-concept of ma...See More

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Title : To Study of Role of Physical Education for the Development of Students of Government and Private ETE Institute

Authors : [1] Rajni [2] Dr. Rakesh Gupta

Abstract : The purpose of the research was to study the background of the students about the physical education activities, to study the health habits, to check the available resources ...See More

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Title : Study of Students’Achievement in Mathematics in Relation to their Interpersonal Relationship

Authors : [1] Dr. M. Narayana Swamy [2] Smt. Shalini Rao N

Abstract : The classroom is a social system in which the teacher and the students interact as organizational members. The quality of classroom relations is dependent on the activities o...See More

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Title : Associations of Life Satisfaction and Depression among Obese

Authors : Shefali SK

Abstract : Obesity is a serious problem and it is a major public health concern world-wide. The objective of the study is to see the gender difference in Life Satisfaction and Depressio...See More

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Title : Film Based Counselling on Relational Aggression Among College Students

Authors : Sonia David

Abstract : The main aim of the study is to understand the effect of film and counselling on the level of relational aggression among college students. Random Sampling was used to screen...See More

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Title : Investigating the Structural Aspect Validity of a Large-Scale Standardized Achievement Test Using Rasch and CFA of Item Parceling Analysis

Authors : Amjed A. Al-Owidha

Abstract : This study aims to collect evidence on the structural aspect validity of Standardized Achievement Admission Test (SAAT) scores. Over a thousand examinees were randomly select...See More

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Title : Role of Ethics in Providing in Sustainable Solutions to Gender Issues in Developing Countries

Authors : Dr. Asha Gupta

Abstract : In developing countries, ethics relating to gender issues is continuing to enhance in complexity. This is due to differential historical backgrounds, educational level, perce...See More

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Title : Understanding and assessing social anxiety among college students and its counseling through CBT

Authors : S.Dharani

Abstract : Social performance and social skills are very important for today’s students. The fear of social interactions and performance phobia are daily encounters for college youth....See More

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