International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

(Print and Online Peer Reviewed Journal)

Print - ISSN: 2349 - 0853
e - ISSN: 2279 - 0179


(December 2020)

Article Title and Authors

Title : Effectiveness of Multiple Intelligence Based Teaching of Science with Special Reference to Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Variables of VI Class Students

Authors : Dr. Suman Verma

Abstract : The present experimental study was conducted on a sample of 160 students of class VI of science subject with special reference to cognitive variable (achievement) and non-cogn...See More

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Title : Day Time Sleepiness, Fear of COVID-19 and Emotional Adjustment among Adolescent

Authors : Dr. Sandeep Panchal , Pretty Yadav

Abstract : The aim of the current study was to investigate the relationship between Day Time Sleepiness, Fear of COVID-19 and Emotional Adjustment among Adolescent. The sample consists o...See More

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Title : Unlock Your Self During Lockdown: Cut of your Negativity and Unleash your Positivity

Authors : Ms. Debangana Bhattacharya , Dr. Rita Karmakar

Abstract : When we perceive a situation negatively, the outcome will be negative and if we perceive it positively, it gives us positive implications. We are forced to live our life under...See More

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Title : Satellite-Connected Hotspot for Offline Learning Systems (SCHOOLS): An Innovative Approach for Universal Education

Authors : S Rangarajan

Abstract : Providing first-rate education for all has remained a challenge. The pandemic has further exacerbated this crisis, particularly in underserved communities. This paper proposes...See More

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Title : Shift from Degree Based Education to Skill Based Education: Youth Perspectives and Challenges

Authors : Dr. Anupma Srivastava , Diksha Mishra

Abstract : As the world steps into a new decade that is Industrial Revolution 4.0, Fourth Industrial Revolution which is a fusion of advances in artificial intelligences, robotics and th...See More

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Title : Professional Ethics: A Component of Professional Development of The Teachers

Authors : Dr. Ashok Kumar Digal

Abstract : Professional Ethics is a means to address the wide spread misconduct of the teachers observed in the present schooling system, which can be defined as a set of moral conduct a...See More

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Title : Work Life Blending During Covid 19: Challenges And Remedies For Organizations During Tough Times

Authors : Dr. Neelam Kalla , Dr. Hemlata Joshi

Abstract : The unexpected Covid 19 pandemic has left everyone in a state of devastation and despair. Fear, uncertainty, insecurity is on rise amongst the masses. Many people have lost th...See More

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Title : The Doctor- Patient Relationship – Changing Paradigm

Authors : Prof. Sreeraman Nandhi

Abstract : Good Doctor-Patient relationship increases the compliance level of treatment recommendations and also leads continuing care and promotes patient satisfaction. In India during ...See More

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Title : Innovative Methods for Developing Innovation Skills

Authors : Priyanka Verma

Abstract : In present scenario, innovation is the need to develop our country. As Kothari commission (1964-66) also focused on innovation. According to Kothari Commission we should conti...See More

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Title : Counselling Services, Psychological Testing and Assessment for Quality Higher Education in Nigeria

Authors : Fakokunde Mogbekeloluwa Oluyinka

Abstract : Education is a critical factor in producing human resource that is necessary for economic development of a country. In Nigeria, one of the major goals of Higher education as s...See More

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