International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(December 2016)

Enhancing Academic Achievement of Students Through Constructivist Teaching (CT) and Technology Based Constructivist Teaching (TBCT)

Authors: [1] Parasurama. D [2] Dr. S. Srikanta Swamy

Pages: 65-68


The present school education system emphasis on constructivist education environment. It is learner centered education, considersstudentsare notas passive learners but active constructors of knowledge. In the same way, the education system also stresses onthe use of technology in teaching - learning process. Alongside, technology also supports and help in knowledge construction. Thus, integration of technology in constructivist approach provides newstage for construction of knowledge. In this study, attempt is made to study the impact of Constructivist Teaching(CT) and Technology Based Constructivist Teaching(TBCT)on academic achievement of IX standard students in economics subject studying in government school. For the purpose of experimentation, groups are equated based on their previous academic achievement and further divided into experimental group-1 and 2. Researcher identified and selected suitable topics from the school, and CT and TBCT modules were developed and validated with the help of experts. Finally, experimentation was carried out in the school. The impact of moduleswere assessed through using achievement (Unit-Test) test. The major findings of the study are TBCTapproach is more effective in improving the academic achievement of students in the subject economics compared to CTapproach in government school. Gender and IQ has influencedmore on academic achievement of students taught by CTcompared to TBCT.