International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(December 2016)

Teaching Aptitude of Elementary Teacher Trainees in Kerala

Authors: [1] Leema K M [2] Dr. T. Mohamed Saleem

Pages: 95-97


Primary teachers with right aptitude in teaching profession can only nurture small children, to become successful and empathetic citizens. The current study intended to evaluate teaching aptitude of D.Ed. trainees in Kerala. The sample for the present study was including 1129 freshly joined, elementary teacher trainees from fourteen districts of Kerala. For the measurement of teaching aptitude of elementary teacher trainees teaching aptitude test was used. Analysis of the results show that majority of students have average teaching aptitude. The students from urban locale are found to be significantly better than their rural counter parts in teaching aptitude test. The students from Govt./Aided institution also found to be scored significantly better than those belong to Unaided institutions