International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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Print - ISSN: 2349 - 0853
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(September 2014)

Conflict and gendered representations of exposure to violence: The case of women in Kashmir

Authors: [1] Sramana Majumdar [2] Waheeda Khan

Pages: 1-5


Sites of political conflicts are marked by a high degree of militarization as seen in the Kashmir Valley. The militaristic nature of such conflicts results in the representation of women in specific roles of ‘victims’ that are part of the dominant masculine narrative.We begin by examining a theory of militarism and conflict that explores sites of political conflict as masculine militarized spaces and how gender roles are negotiated and represented in those circumstances. We then examine accounts of violence exposure among women in Kashmir through the same lens, by reviewing relevant literature and qualitative findings from another study. The image of women as victims of violence in Kashmir overemphasizes on certain roles and masculine representation of women while sidelining other aspects of this victimization. The implication of the same is discussed with respect to peace activism and reconciliation in Kashmir.