International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(December 2014)

Environmental Correlates of Adolescent Stress: A Path Analysis

Authors: [1] Jeny. Rapheal [2] Dr. Varghese Paul K

Pages: 1-4


The study was an attempt to delineate the pathway behind the Home Environment and Adolescent stress. 567 adolescents from various schools of Kerala state of India were screened for their stress level using Student Stress Scale by ZaKi Akhtar . Home environment was assessed purely from the perception of adolescents using Home Environment Inventory by K. S. Misra. The mean stress level for the entire sample was moderate. Disciplinary HE and Negative HE exhibited significant predictive power in the stress level of adolescents, while Positive HE indicated a path through Disciplinary HE. Both positive and negative home environment could incur considerable variation in disciplinary environment of home. Which means positive home environment is not something that is totally independent of the constraints of disciplining. Disciplinary HE in the inventory constituted four dimensions namely “control, punishment, conformity, permissiveness”. Negative HE consisted of pathological parenting practices like “rejection, social isolation and deprivation of privileges”. And Positive HE comprised dimensions of nurture, reward and protectiveness.