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(December 2014)

Development and Validation of E-Content on French Revolution at Secondary Level

Authors: [1] R. Vasuki [2] S. Sudha [3] T. Arthy Poornima

Pages: 1-3


E-content is a very powerful tool of education. E-content is valuable to the learners and also helpful to teachers of all individual instruction systems; E-content is the latest method of instruction that has attracted more attention to gather with the concept of models[1]. The problem of the study is to Develop and Validate e-content on French Revolution at Secondary level.For this study convenience sampling techniques was used. As many as 20 M.Ed students of the Department of Educational Technology, Bharathidasan University, Tamil Nadu, India has been taken as sample for the purpose of evaluating the eContent.The educational effectiveness standards model (EESM) is one of the best tools for evaluation of academic e-content. The tool was developed by the research scientist of the UGC-consortium of Educational communication, Rajendra Mishra (2010)[2].*The study reveals that e-content is effective in teaching History at secondary level.The development of educational content in time with the changing times has becomes a major responsibility of the modern teacher who has to face a new learner in new environment. Therefore, there should be more and more number of e-content packages used in classroom. Effectiveness of e-content material is meant not only for the current generation but also for the posterity.