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(December 2014)

Discipline Problems and Leadership Qualities in Management of Discipline in A Secondary School

Authors: Pushpa. M

Pages: 58-62


The present study is case study which focuses on the discipline problems in the New Rays Secondary School, Mauritius, and qualities of principal as a leader in managing the problems. From the study it was found that the most of the indiscipline problems found in the school are lateness, not completion of homework (95%), ‘flirting’ (90%), ‘not wearing proper uniform’ (85%), and ‘theft and bullying’ (80%). ‘using of foul language and answering back to teachers’ (70%), ‘misuse of books in the library’ (60%), ‘misbehaving in class’(55%), and ‘swearing and bunking classes (50%), ‘absenteeism’(40%) and ‘exchange of pornographic CD’s (25%) as expressed by the teachers.According to the students the high level of indiscipline problems at New Rays Secondary school are ‘not completion of homework (93%), ‘misuse of books in the library’ (87%), ‘flirting’ (83%), ‘not wearing proper uniform’ (80%). After that come the average level indiscipline problems; ‘answering back to teachers’ (70%), ‘theft and bullying’ (67%), ‘using of foul language’ (63%) and ‘lateness’ (60%). Under the low level of indiscipline problems we can note ‘swearing (50%), bunking classes (40%), ‘absenteeism’ (37%) and ‘‘exchange of pornographic CD’s(33%).