International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(March 2015)

Modes of frustration causing burnout among Government & Non-government School Teachers

Authors: S.Goutami

Pages: 11-13


A teacher is seen as a counsellor to both students and parents, sometimes a nurse, and a social worker and even to some extent a parent for the students who are under his or her tutelage. With the increasing number of roles, it is no wonder that teachers' frustration & burnout are on a steady increase. The review of literature reveals that many studies have been undertaken on such burnouts .The present study attempts to assess the dimensions of frustration level experienced by government & non-government Schoolteachers. A frustration test developed by chauhan & Tiwari (1972) was administered, on a randomly selected sample of 60 schoolteachers, 30 governments & 30 non-governments. t-test was computed for four modes of frustration viz, aggression, fixation, regression & resignation. The results highlight that there is significant difference in the modes of frustration among the government and non-government schoolteachers.