International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(March 2015)

Interactive Effect of Meta-Cognitive Strategies-based Instruction in Mathematics and Approaches to Learning on Mathematics Anxiety of Students

Authors: [1] Ms. Meenakshi Ingole [2] Shefali Pandya

Pages: 22-27


This paper attempts to ascertain the interactive effect of meta-cognitive strategies-based instruction in mathematics and approaches to learning on students’ mathematics anxiety. For this purpose, an intervention programme based on metacognitive strategies of about 35 hours was developed for students of standard eighthspreading over eight weeks. The aim of the research was to ascertain whether meta-cognitive strategies instruction reduces mathematics anxiety in students. Structured tools were used in study. The participants of the study included 62 and 60 students in the experimental and control groups respectively. The effect size of the intervention programme on the mathematics anxiety of students was found to be 1.084and that of the learning approaches was found to be 1.009 which are both high in magnitude.