International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(March 2015)

A study of Scientific Attitude Among Regular D El Ed Student Teachers and Distance Mode in Service Untrained Student Teachers Through NIOS

Authors: Sanjay Kuma

Pages: 28-30


The study was conducted to enquire and explore the mental health of the adolescents. Mental health is not merely important but essential for survival as social being Adolescence is the most influencive period of human growth and development. A sample of 120 adolescent students of class ninth and tenth was taken from Shimla City of Himachal Pradesh. Mean, SD, t-test was used for analyzing the data obtained from the sample. The findings of the study revealed that there exists significant difference in ‘Autonomy’ ‘Security-insecurity’and Self- concept’component of mental health of adolescent girls and boys. No significant difference has been found in ‘Emotional stability’, ‘Overall adjustment’ and ‘Intelligence’ component of mental health of adolescent girls and boys. It was evident that adolescent girls were better than boys in all six components of mental health, means adolescent girls tend to be mentally healthier.