International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(March 2015)

Predicting Commitment Among Married Women: Intimacy, Passion, Sexual Satisfaction, Big Five Personality Factors, Attachment Styles, and Happiness

Authors: [1] Parisa Donyadari [2] Zahra Yousefi

Pages: 35-38


This study investigated the relationships between five personality factors, attachment styles, intimacy, passion, happiness and sexual satisfaction with commitment among mother’s center of Isfahan. We surveyed125 volunteer women who had registered in mother’s center of Isfahan using Sexual satisfaction inventory, Sternberg’s Triangular love scale, Subjective Happiness scale and Big five Inventory–10 (BFI-10). The data was analyzed by statistical methods including Pearson correlation, and multiple regressions. The results showed that commitment was significantly and meaningfully associated with intimacy, passion, happiness, sexual satisfaction and extraversion. Passion and extraversion can predict sexual satisfaction.