International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(March 2015)

Factors affecting Attitude towards teaching and its Correlates: Review of Research

Authors: Zafar Iqbal Zaid

Pages: 46-51


This article explores the agreements and contradictions existed in the findings of research concerned with Attitude towards teaching with respect to some demographic, academic and psychological characteristics of individuals. The purposes of this article are (i) to review and analyze the literature of teaching attitude from teacher education perspective and (ii) to provide suggestions for the implication of future research. Author reviewed the contents of research articles and theses exploring issues related to attitude towards teaching. After review it was observed that majority of studies on Attitude towards teaching concentrated around some characteristics of individuals viz. Gender, Age, Locality, Qualification, Teacher training, subject stream type of institution, experience, etc. This reviewed probed into the influence of these characteristics on Attitude towards teaching. Majority of studies signified their influence on the attitude. On the other hand some of studies show contradictory results. Attitude towards teaching is also not an isolates concept but it has also some correlates to be meaningful and relevant in teaching profession. Respective reviews identified various correlates of Attitude towards Teaching. It concludes that Longitudinal and comparative studies on Attitude towards teaching were found lagged behind.