International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(March 2015)

Role of Self Efficacy and Intrinsic Motivation on Work Place Environment

Authors: [1] Deepali Dabas [2] Dr. Neelam Pandey

Pages: 52-57


Self-efficacy is the extent or strength of one's belief in one's own ability to complete tasks .It can be seen as the ability to persist and a person's ability to succeed with a task. Self-efficacy directly relates to how long someone will stick to a workout regimen High and low self-efficacy determines whether or not someone will choose to take on a challenging task or write it off as impossible. Intrinsic Motivation refers to a highly desired form of incentive that stems from a person's internal desire for selfsatisfaction or pleasure in performing the task itself. Self- determination theory has focused on the social–contextual conditions that facilitate versus forestall the natural processes of self-motivation and healthy psychological development. Specifically, factors have been examined that enhance versus undermine intrinsic motivation, self-regulation. The paper focuses on existing cases from the literature emphasizing the role of self-efficacy and intrinsic motivation on workplace environment. Thus, this paper gives a message to organizers to develop their organizations.