International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(March 2015)

The Effect of Marital Adjustment of Women in Relation to Emotional Maturity of Their Children

Authors: [1] Vinita Verma [2] Dr.M.S.Talawar

Pages: 58-59


All children, regardless of gender or age, are affected by marital conflict (Cummings, 1998; Cummings, Bal- lard, & El-Sheikh, 1991). Children are affected through both direct and indirect pathways. In terms of children’s psychological functioning, exposure to repeated instances of destructive marital conflict has been linked with internalizing problems such as depression and low self-esteem, externalizing problems such as delinquency and aggression, and declines in academic performance, social and interpersonal adjustment, and general mental health (Cummings & Davies, 1994). The present paper is focussed on how the mother’s marital adjustment has an impact on emotional maturity of their children. It is descriptive survey. A sample of 50 mothers and 50 children is selected by using purposive and snow ball sampling technique. Emotional maturity scale used is an standardize scale developed by Dr.Yashvir Singh and Mahesh Bhargava and due to unavailability of Marital Adjustment Scale researcher constructed the tool and standardize it . The findings of the study reveal that there is a positive relationship between marital adjustment of mothers and emotional maturity of their children.