International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(March 2015)

Having Ears Can We Hear Their Need ?

Authors: [1] Dr. Geetha Gopinath [2] Rajesh S Vallicodu

Pages: 91-93


Hearing impairment is a very serious disability that affects a large percentage of our population. Early diagnosis and intervention are key to providing hearing impaired students a fair and equitable chance at academic progress. This exploratory study conducted in two inclusive schools in Pathanamthitta District of Kerala used adapted teaching methods to teach students the importance of water conservation. Interviews, direct observation, discussions, lip reading, multimedia presentations, video recording and front row seats for hearing impaired were used to implement the adapted teaching strategy. Results showed the poor preparedness of resource teachers and regular teachers to deal with the impaired students. Facilities were also poor for innovative approaches. Hearing impaired students benefitted from the adapted teaching method. The researcher hopes to encourage innovative practices to help impaired students to develop academically.