International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(June 2015)

Strengthening Memory Engrams Through Computer Based Concept Mapping

Authors: [1] Divya. K.K. [2] Dr. P. Usha

Pages: 14-16


Long term retention is facilitated by the method of encoding process. Computer based concept mapping is an effective encoding strategy that can enhance retention among students. The study investigates the effectiveness of Computer based Concept Mapping strategy on Retention in Biology of secondary school students. The method employed was the Experimental method and the Design selected was Pretest Posttest equivalent groups design. The study made use of Lesson transcripts, Retention test and other standardized tools for Experimental and Control treatment. The sample included 30 students in the Experimental group and 30 students in Control group. The statistical method adopted was the test of significance of difference between means. The findings revealed that Computer based Concept Mapping strategy used as Experimental treatment is more effective than Constructivist teaching strategy which is used as Control group treatment on Retention in Biology of Students at Secondary school level. The concepts encoded to our brain in the form of concept maps are very similar in structure with engrams in the brain that made long term retention of the learned material.