International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(June 2015)

An Investigation about Life effectiveness of Student Teachers at Secondary Level

Authors: Dr. Betty. P. J

Pages: 17-19


Life is not simple for majority of the people. Within this quickly changing world there is a need for the students to develop the capacity to cope with their ever-changing environment. Outdoor education activities have been proposed as one way of increasing a person’s resilience through life effectiveness skills. These students equip students to handle the demands of life and impact a person’s capacity to adapt, survive and thrive (Neill, 2008). Life effectiveness is closely related to the notions of personality skills, life fitness, practical intelligence, personal competence and self efficacy. It is a measure of how competent a person perceives himself or herself to be in a variety of areas, necessary for success in life. In the present study the investigator has made an attempt to study the life effectiveness of student teachers at secondary level.