International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(June 2015)

A Study on Adjustment Pattern and Emotional Intelligence of Visual Impaired Adolescents

Authors: [1] Priyanka Dutta [2] Dr. Debasri Banerjee [3] Prof. Pranab Kumar Chakrabarti

Pages: 84-88


India has a large number of blind population.. The National Sample Survey carried out in 2011 estimated that, there are about 4 million blind populations in the country. It is necessary to explore their adjustment patterns and emotional intelligence. Research in this area is scanty and inconclusive, therefore the children having sensory deprivation have been chosen as the subject of study. It is necessary to find out, how they manage their own emotions and those of others. The objective of the present study is to find out the nature of adjustment pattern and emotional intelligence of boys and girls with visual impairment. The sample of the present study was drawn from five schools and the samples were students of VII – X, both boys and girls. General Assessment Functioning (GAF), as described in DSM IV and Emotional Intelligence Scale were administered to the students. In the present study, category wise analyses of data were done by calculating the Mean, Standard Deviation and ANOVAfor adjustment and all the factors of emotional intelligence. It is observed that, in the case of adjustment and emotional intelligence, there is noticeable difference due to the status of visual impairment, both boys and girls. Therefore the disadvantaged section of the society should learn to behave responsively towards environment and gradually improve the quality of life.