International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(June 2015)

The Effect of Locus of Control and Education on Mental Health

Authors: [1] Dr. Sukanya [2] Dr. Shivakumar S .Chengti

Pages: 93-97


The objective of the present study has been to assess the effect of locus of control and level of education on mental health status of respondents studying in different educational levels. Education brings a lot of changes in the psyche of the students and locus of control is said to influence the behavior particularly health behavior of individuals. Thus mental health is greatly influenced by psychosocial factors like anxiety, depression, locus of control, education and so on. Hence in this study an attempt has been made to study the effect of locus of control and education on mental health status of students.The sample consists of 360 students studying in Gulbarga city. For the collection of data Mental Health Inventory( Jagdish and Srivastava 1988) and Locus of Control Scale(Anandkumar and Srivastava1985) were administered and the results were subjected to statistical analysis like ttest and correlation. Results revealed 1. There is a significant difference in mental health status of students studying in different level of education. 2. There is significant difference between internal and external locus of control on mental health status. 3. There is a significant correlation between locus of control and mental health.