International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(March 2013)

A Study Of Student Unrest Among Graduate Students in Relation to Their Gender, Intelligence, Adjustment and Educational Stream

Authors: Babita Singh

Pages: 46-50


The ship of progress of any country floats on the hard work and dedication of its young generation and its innovative thought. But now wide spread frustration has been found in the youths of society which is decreasing their work efficiency. So the present study has been conducted to study the unrest among graduate students in relation to their gender, intelligence, adjustment and educational stream. ‘Student Unrest Measuring Scale' by Dr. Veenita Khanna, ‘The Group General Mental Ability Test' by Dr. S. Jalota and ‘Adjustment Inventory for College Students' by Prof. A. K. P. Sinha and Prof. R. P. Singh were administered to a random sample of 180 graduate students. The data was analyzed by Mean, Standard Deviation, Correlation and T-Test. Finding of the test were-There is no significant difference in the level of student unrest between male and female students. There is no relationship between student unrest and their intelligence and no relationship between student unrest and student adjustment but there is more unrest among the students of non-professional stream in comparison to the student of professional stream