International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(September 2015)

Efficacy of Secondary School Teachers in Relation to Organizational Climate and Qualification in Rural and Urban Area of Munger District

Authors: [1] Bibhuti Kumar [2] Dr. Shakti Prasad Mishra

Pages: 1-6


The present study focuses on determining Teacher Efficacy of secondary school teachers in relation to their locale and Organisational Climate. Sample of the study consisted of 50 teachers, selected through stratified random sampling, belonging to the state of Bihar. The Standardised Teacher Efficacy scale and Organisational Climate scale and qualification scale were used to measure the Teacher Efficacy and Organisational Climate of secondary schools. Statistical techniques such as “t” test and Two way ANOVA were used to find out the significant difference between rural and urban schools and to see the effect of Locale and Organisational Climate on Teache Efficacy.