International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(September 2015)

Moblogging Type and its Relation with Usability and Development Knowledge Management Skills for Blind Students

Authors: Akram Fathy Mostafa

Pages: 18-26


The aim of the research was to explore the relation moblogging type (MB) on the usability and development Knowledge Management skills for Blind Students , the research followed a pretest and posttest quasi-experimental design .Participants were 17 blind students from the third semester of the academic year 2015 at the course of Computer Applications in Special Education - SPED 507 - the high diploma in Special Education ( Visual Impairment branch) at the Program of Educational Graduate Studies at King Abdel Aziz University . The independent variable was MB type on two different levels : The first level independent variable text moblogging TMB and The second level independent variable audio moblogging AMB , Both quantitative and qualitative data were collected, including Knowledge Management skills test and usability measurement scores . findings indicate that AMB participants performed significantly better than TMB in Knowledge Management skills and There are no statistic significantly difference between the medium range degrees of student average scores for the first experimental group((TMB) and second experimental group (AMB) in the usability measurement for blind student related to MB type .