International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(September 2015)

An Action Research Study on Effect of Integrated Yoga on Personality of Employees with reference to Openness to Experience

Authors: [1] Chokkalingam [2] Dr. Sony Kumari [3] K. B. Akhilesh [4] H. R. Nagendra

Pages: 37-40


Aim: The purpose of writing the paper is to evaluate the impact of practice of Integrated Yoga on a personality trait of employees namely Openness to experience by using Big Five Personality Inventory. Literature review:Earlier studies proved the validity of Big Five Personality measures to evaluate the performance of employee Study Design: An empirical study is made to assess the effect of practicing Integrated Yoga on personality traits, including Openness to experience. 51 employees are given Integrated Yoga Intervention for four months and another 51 are not given any intervention. Using Big Five Personality Inventory, data is collected before the study, in the middle of the study and at the end of the study. Results and Conclusion:The analysis of data using SPSS showed that Openness to Experience in Integrated Yoga Intervention group improved significantly (p<.01)