International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(September 2015)

Emotional Intelligence of Normal and Visually Impaired Adolescent Students: A Comparative Study

Authors: Dr. MunKalita

Pages: 55-57


Emotional intelligence (EI) is a new area of research in the Indian context. It is the ability or tendency to perceive, understand, regulate and harness emotions adaptively in self and in others. Researchers have conceptualized Emotional Intelligence both as ability and as a trial. It includes the ability to understand and regulates others as well as one’s own emotions. People who can have control over their life can manage their feelings and can read and deal effectively with other people’s feelings, while the people who can’t have control over their emotional life fight inner battles for adjustment. In the present study an attempt was made to compare the emotional intelligence of normal and visually impaired adolescent students of Assam. 100 (Normal=50, Visually Impaired=50) adolescent students were randomly selected from two special and two general schools of Lakhimpur and Dibrugarh district of Assam. Emotional Intelligence Scale (EIS) developed by Hyde, Pethe and Dhar was used to assess the emotional intelligence which provides scores on ten factors i.e. self- awareness, empathy, self-motivation, emotional stability, managing relations, integrity, self-development, value orientation, commitment and altruistic behavior. Mean, Standard Deviation and t-test was used for analysis and interpretation of data. The result revealed that there exist no significant differences between normal and visually impaired adolescent students with respect emotional intelligence.