International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(September 2015)

The Social Aspect of Self- Regulation in Learning

Authors: Titik Kristiyani

Pages: 58-64


Motivation is a heart of student learning. Most of achievement motivation theories based on intrapersonal perspectives, and many theorists believe that internal motivation is the best way to drive student to achieve the goal. Although many study find the intrapersonal side of motivation, there is a fact that student tend to relate one another. This article discuss the main source of student motivation to learn. This article suggest the dominance of external factor in student motivation. Classroom climate and teacher-students relationship have a big impact to students motivation. It is indicate that social relation have a great impact to student motivation to learn. Social context is very important for students. Students doesn’t gain their goal in a non social world without other intervention, but they gain it in social world where they live. Therefore, this paper suggest the social aspect of selfregulation