International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(December 2015)

Attachment: The Roots of Love

Authors: [1] Vidushi Dixit [2] Arun Kumar

Pages: 40-45


The present study was planned to review the literature and explore the relationship between attachment and love. On the basis of the literature it was found that attachment lies at the roots of love. Basically four patterns of attachment were found namely secure, avoidant, ambivalent and disorganized attachment. The securely attached children grow into healthy, socially adept adults whereas remaining three type of attachments lead to behavioral and relationship problems. Through researches on love and attachment psychologists have learned about the cultivation and re-cultivation of love as love is a combination of emotions, cognitions and behaviors that often play a crucial role in intimate relationships. The theoretical approach of love describes love as Passionate love and Compassionate love whereas the Triangular theory of love describes eight types of love namely NonLove, liking, infatuation, empty love, romantic love, compassionate love, fatuous love and consummate love. It was also found in the studies that re-cultivation of love among adults help people to reassure and bind together in secure relationships. Therefore it can be concluded that attachment and love are like two rail track lines on which the train of healthy life runs swiftly and smoothly