International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(December 2015)

EFL Teachers Classroom Assessment Purposes

Authors: Saefurrohman

Pages: 55-59


The new language assessment policy in the Indonesia has impact on English teachers’ assessment practices. Classroom assessment; as mandated in the current curriculum swifts from sources of information to the inseparable process of teaching and learning. This study describes Indonesian high school English teachers’classroom assessment practices in EFLclasses. This study was conducted using a mix method design with 12 Indonesian junior high school English teachers as respondents who completed the questionnaire and interview on classroom assessment practices. The study found that an Indonesian Junior High School English Teachers main purpose of classroom assessment was assessment for learning as the first preference. It was then followed by the classroom assessment of learning. And the last purpose was classroom assessment as learning. The most frequently used of classroom assessment for learning for Indonesian English Junior High School teachers was to group their students for instruction purposes in the class. The most frequently used of classroom assessment of learning among Indonesian teachers was to determine the final grades for students and to provide information to the central administration.