International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(December 2015)

Acquisition of Basic Geometric Concepts Among Students Who Have Completed Class VIII

Authors: [1] Chandrani Acharya [2] Aditi Ghose

Pages: 91-98


Geometry is a subject, the cognition of which is paramount in developing visual-spatial skills among children. Cognition of basic ideas of geometry is also required to explicate concepts in other subject areas such as physics, geography, art and craft etc. Faulty conceptualization of these basic ideas and lack of comprehension can lead to insufficient power among children to solve various problems in life and can also lead to frustration and negative attitude towards geometry. This study has attempted to find out how far the basic ideas of geometry are really acquired by middle school children. A comprehensive study to this effect was carried out among the children coming from different environments. The sample group comprised of 486 children who included children who had just completed Class VIII and entered Class IX, both from rural and urban areas in and around Kolkata. Administration of Cattel and Cattel’s Culture Fair Intelligence Scale ensured that the participants’scores were above the first quartile, thus ensuring their educability. A questionnaire for detailed assessment of the basic geometric ideas indicated for middle schools by the most popular boards of education was constructed and standardized and subsequently administered to the sample. The resultant scores were examined and analyzed by statistical techniques including descriptive statistics. The result yielded a significant improvement in acquisition of basic geometric ideas among children as they proceeded from class VIII to class IX, though many of the basic ideas of geometry were lacking among a large number of students.