International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(December 2015)

A Study of Teacher as a Researcher: Constraints and Restraints

Authors: KiranWalia

Pages: 114-116


In the present paper the an attempt is made to explore and delineate the status of awareness amongst school teachers of district Ludhiana about their subject related research development and new knowledge added to their field. It also attempts to explore what new the teachers are adding to their own classroom practices. It tries to look into the various constraints and restraints of the teachers in taking up research activities to improve their classroom practices. A sample of 100 senior secondary school teachers has been taken from the senior secondary schools of district Ludhiana. The data was collected with the help of self structured questionnaire. Results showed the status of awareness of teachers towards educational research in their respective fields and also various constraints and restraints of teachers for taking up research had been discussed in the present paper