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(September 2016)

A Study on Evolvement of Management Education in India and Its Quality

Authors: Srivastava Vivek

Pages: 31-35


Importance of management as organizational practice has increased manifolds because of globalization and consequently education of management has also reached to a level of greater significance. Management is an application based discipline requires incorporating the issues of business and management and supposing to be held responsible for the final state of affairs of the business of the nation. Management education focuses developing a broad range of managerial knowledge and abilities among students. But its role has always been in existence and roots of management education can be traced back to 1950s with beginning of Indian institute of social welfare and Business Management (IISWBM). IISWBM was followed by Delhi University (1955), Madras University (1955), Bombay University (1955) and Andhra University (1957). In Students are generally the principal customers of the education. Post liberalization and especially after year 2000, there has been increase in number of management institutes. Quality of management education has not been of satisfactory standards.Quality of management education, kind of service, is difficult to measure in comparison to products. In present paper management education, quality concerns, approaches to measure it have been discussed.