International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(September 2016)

Positive Well Being as a Catalyst for Major Stressful Life Events in College Life

Authors: S. Dharani

Pages: 44-47


Life event is a major change in a person’s circumstances that affects or effects interpersonal relationship and leisure activities.This study focuses on major stressful life events of college students like parental issues,relationship issues, selfawareness,anxiety etc. which majorly affects coping skills, hardly change, not able to challenge and face risk and therefore fail to bring positive wellbeing. The researcher has taken data’s from 2012 Jan to October 2015 of engineering college students of age group 18 to 22 yrs. with low socio economic status.And identified most frequently appeared issues.Being a quantitative research major case study is taken to show change in stress with balance and coping mechanism through strength focused strategy, triple column techniqueand three blessing,etc. from the school of positive psychology counseling and CBT.