International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(March 2012)

Improve the attitude and perception abilities through Multimedia in Biology

Authors: Dr. K. Nachimuthu

Pages: 1-5


Multimedia means, combination of text, audio, still images, animation, video and interactivity content forms delivered electronically. Multimedia may be broadly divided into linear and non-linear categories. In multimedia development aspects consists of six phases viz., analysis, design, development, testing, implementation and evaluation. The objectives of the study are as follows; (i) to prepare a plan for multimedia package on biology; (ii) to develop a multimedia package on biology; (iii) to find out the attitude and perception abilities through the prepared multimedia package on biology. Experimental method was adopted with the convenience sampling size of two B.Ed (Bachelor of Education) College Students in Rasipuram Taluk of Namakkal district of Tamil Nadu state of India. Fifty students from this one year regular course, from each B.Ed college will be taken as the sample of the study (n= 100). Out of fifty students from each college, twenty five will be exposed to traditional teaching while another twenty five students will be exposed to multimedia package based teaching strategies. For this research, a multimedia programme for “Genetics”, a biology content were prepared in Flash software file in December 2011 and it was found out the content validity by biology professors of Periyar University, Salem in Tamil Nadu State of India and the Multimedia attitude and perception questionnaire was also prepared by the investigator and that was found out with face validity and reliability (0.81). There are three volumes of Multimedia contents was stored in a single file related to “Genetics” with text, audio, video, references and MCQ formats. This research found out the attitude and their perception towards multimedia learning.