International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(December 2016)

Gender and Adjustment: A Comparative study of Grade VIII Students

Authors: [1] Prof. Dr. Usha Mishra [2] Suman Pandey

Pages: 23-25


The objective of this study was to make comparison between girls and boys students on adjustment. The adjustment considered here were emotional, social and educational. A sample of 120 (60 boys and 60 girls) students studying in class VIII standard of parishadeeya vidhayalya were taken from Allahabad district. For this purpose of investigation “Adjustment inventory ‘’by A.K.P Singh and Sinha was used. The obtained data were analyzed through ‘t’ test to know the mean difference between VIII standard school students in relation to their gender. The study indicates that there was significant difference between girls and boys students on their adjustment type (emotional social and educational) and on overall adjustment.