International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(March 2017)

Impact of Socio Economic Status on The English Reading Comprehension of The First Year Pre-university Students in Mangalore Taluk

Authors: [1] Mareena Seema Sequeira [2] Dr. Lourdusami

Pages: 54-58


The present study aims to find out how the socio economic background and the reading habits of the undergraduate students influence the reading comprehension ability. Random sampling method is used to select 842 I PUC students from the colleges of Mangalore Taluk. Data is collected using Descriptive survey method. It is observed that very few students have good socio economic background and hail from well- educated families. Hence they have first-rate access to reading materials and are able to improve their reading habits due to the motivation by the parents. They possess utmost capacity to comprehend the given text. But majority of the students with poor background are not exposed to reading resources and are not able to comprehend the given passages in English. Therefore there is an urgent need for both the teachers and the parents to create interest among the students in reading and guide them regarding how and what to read.