International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(June 2017)

Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Maturity and their relationship with Academic Achievement of College Students in Sikkim

Authors: [1] Dr. Dona Rai [2] Yugal Kisore Khanal

Pages: 1-5


Emotional intelligence is ability to understand, express and control one’s own emotions. This ability of understanding one’s own emotions makes the individual competent to understand others emotions accordingly. As individuals grow older they confront with numerous expectations from their parents, teachers and friends. They are expected to perform better in their academic along with participating in social activities. The ‘pressure’of securing good position in academic may hinder their emotions. Academic achievement may be influenced by emotional intelligence and emotional maturity of the pupil. This paper is an attempt to assess emotional intelligence and emotional maturity of college students in Sikkim and further it will assess the relationship of these two variables with academic achievement of students. Tools used for the study are Emotional Intelligence Inventory by S.K. Mangal and S. Mangal and Emotional Maturity Scale by Roma Pal. Sample size was 122 which were randomly taken from the population. This study revealed highly positive correlation between emotional intelligence academic achievement and no significant correlation was found between emotional maturity and academic achievement.