International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(June 2017)

Coping Behavior, Psychological Distress, and Marital Satisfaction Among the Wives of Men with Alcohol Dependence

Authors: [1] Dr. Nandha Kumara Pujam [2] Kalaivani

Pages: 9-13


Alcoholism is considered as an ongoing stressor, not only for the individual, but for family members as well. Spouses are particularly affected given the intimate nature of their relationship and are known to be exposed to high rates of domestic violence. The negative social consequences of alcohol consumption may diminish the individual’s ability to adapt leading to emotional distress and thereby increasing the likelihood of psychological problems. The present study aimed to examine the psychological distress, marital satisfaction and coping behaviours among the wives of alcohol dependent men. This was a hospital based cross sectional study conducted at SRM Medical College Hospital and Research Centre, Kancheepuram in the Department of Psychiatry and Purposive sampling method was used. The sample consists of 70 Participants (wives of men with alcohol dependence) fulfilling the inclusion and exclusion criteria. Written informed consent was taken from the participants after explaining the objectives and procedure of the study. Subsequently socio demographic data sheet, general health questionnaire, coping with drinking questionnaire and marital satisfaction scale, were administered to all participants. Data was analyzed using SPSS 16.0 version. The Spearman Correlation was used to assess the relationship between coping behaviours, psychological distress and marital satisfaction. Result showed that higher coping behaviour of discordance, avoidance and taking special action in the wives of alcohol dependence men is associated with higher psychological distress. Furthermore, higher coping behaviour of discordance, avoidance and competition are associated with lower marital satisfaction. Likewise, the current paper also found that higher psychological distress is associated with lower marital satisfaction.