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(June 2017)

Attaining Professional Excellence and Work – Life Balance through Human Values and Ethics: An Observation

Authors: Dr. Gopal Krishna Dwivedi

Pages: 64-66


Most of us are ambitious and have certain dreams and destinations in life. Whether it is attaining a good position in job, buying a new car, a 2-3-4 BHK house or fulfilling expectations of children and spouse, we all work extremely hard but still feel frustrated, dejected and disappointed most often. Most of our sufferings and pains are because of our misunderstanding of the facts of life. When I attended the eight day workshop on Human Values and Professional Ethics at PSIT, Kanpur, I realized that my approach to life and work was utterly wrong at many levels. I corrected my ways of living and maintaining relationships, and experienced overwhelming peace of mind and affection from loved ones. Later I conducted 10 Staff Development Programmes on ‘Service Orientation and Professional Ethics’for the staff members of management institute, engineering college and dental colleges and got a feedback that this worked quite effectively for them also. The present paper is an outcome of the process and outcome of these workshops conducted in the year 2014-15.