International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(June 2017)

Smart Board Technology : Transforming Inclusive Environment Into E-classroom for Children With Specific Learning Disability

Authors: Anusuya K. Yadav

Pages: 87-90


The integration and amalgamation of Information and Communication Technology in the process of learning and teaching helps to create barrier free environments which enable all students to become competent , confident and self-directed learners. With the use of technology as one unavoidable reality , it is mounting its strategic role as a powerful motivational tool for students with special needs , increasing the scope and opportunities for learners with special educational needs. In the view of the changing context of the increasingly transforming landscape of information and technology , the present paper discusses how children with Specific Learning Disabilities, being digital natives are expert users of ICTand engage fluently and actively with the digital world in their everyday lives. As a transformative tool Smart Board, Information and Communication Technology offers a great potential to support lifelong learning for all groups of students, including those with or without special educational needs, enhancing independence, integration, and equal opportunities and extensively facilitating their recognition and inclusion in society as valued, respected, and contributing members.